Letters to the Editor: June 30, 2011

Our response to changes
Dear Editor:
Our response to Kenney Reservoir changes. Yes, we know Mr. Howard of Grand Junction. No, we do not camp with them. Yes, we visited with them about your camping changes but came anyway thinking it wouldn’t bother us that much.
We are from Rifle, Colo. We’ve camped at your campgrounds off and on for the last several years. We are tent and boating campers and felt the new limited space changes wouldn’t affect us as much as others, except maybe getting used to being in each others’ laps. Tent campers usually don’t care, easy for us to move.
However, on the evening of June 17 (Father’s Day weekend) we came to camp. Even though we could see Mr. Howard’s point of view, we intended to stay, until I visited your restroom. We spend our camping money for the use of your restroom. We are equipped for all our camping needs except restroom use.
We will not be back! Whoever (if there is someone), please, for the sake of the other campers, have them clean your facility. It was awful and it didn’t get that way in just a day or so.
We have one question, why have you local Rangely campers that we have met from time to time, allowed this kind of camping in your own local facility? It must affect you folks as much as us “outsiders.” We are friends with a couple in Rangely and when we discussed this with them, they, not being campers, didn’t seem to know anything about what was going on out at the reservoir. Too bad, seems maybe your locals just don’t care!
Guess it really doesn’t matter, as we moved on to Rio Blanco Lake just outside of Meeker. Turned out better anyway and we didn’t even know it. Good fishing, nice little boat dock and the camping area was great. Tables, cabanas, fireplaces, grass (no mud) and we could use the restroom and behold, there was no charge! We certainly intend to let all our friends know. Your 14 to 21 day limit is unheard of in any camping areas, especially for what you offer. Maybe Mr. Howard was right. Money makers?
Good luck on the Fourth of July. Hope all the folks that have come every year are aware of the new camping. It will be too late to find other camping, as all others will be full.
So long Rangely — Hello Meeker.
Mrs. A.A. Johnson
Rifle, Colo.

ERBM thanks triathlon helpers
Dear Editor:
The ERBM Recreation and Park District would like to give a big “thank you” to everyone who helped make the 2011 Road Rash ‘N Splash Mini Triathlon a huge success. The Meeker High School cheerleading team: Mindi Ordway, Emilee Kohls, Katelyn Harman, Katie Morgan, Nicole Hilkey, Jessica Barnes, Kristen Rowland and Jennifer Martinez. The Meeker High School volleyball team: Tristan Nielsen, Kacey Collins, Aly Ridings and Paige Jones. Community volunteers Deb Henderson, Kim Kummer, Sydney Hughes, Reagan Pearce, Elder Croff, Elder Smith, the school district, the Meeker Police Department, The Bistro on Park Avenue and Max Muscle Sports Nutrition. Thank you to the numerous Rec District employees and board members who made the day successful.
Many thanks,
Nicole Dupire
ERBM Recreation
and Park District

Rally around the flag
Dear Editor:
Once again, I am compelled to address the desecration of our flag by those who do not comprehend the meaning of the U.S. flag. Our flag is the symbol of freedom and democracy in this country and around the world. It epitomizes what our military personnel defend and rally around. It is sacred and must not be desecrated.
Unfortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court in 1989 ruled it is legal to desecrate the flag under the First Amendment of our Constitution’s right of free speech.
The U.S. House of Representatives will consider H. J. Res. 13 shortly, which prohibits the physical desecration of the flag. A parallel resolution, S.J. Res. 19, will go before the U.S. Senate in coming months. Two-thirds majority votes in the House and Senate are required to put forward a constitutional amendment for ratification by the states.
Please contact your state representatives and senators and ask them to support these resolutions. More than 1,200,000 U.S. military personnel have died promoting freedom and democracy in the world, and our flag is the symbol that embodies their sacrifices.
We have to rally around the flag.
Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, NH