Loose Ends: Step up to the plate

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I was hoping that two weeks after announcing that I was giving up writing a weekly column, two writers from Meeker and Rangely would “step up to the plate” and give column-writing a chance. It seemed like a good idea to let other people try their hand at it. So far there seems to be little interest and until the Herald Times finds some new op/ed page contributors, I will continue to write the things that grab my attention. The fact that most of the material that lends itself to a column relates to small town life is just a bonus. As is evident by the number of years that Loose Ends has been appearing in the paper, a wide variety of things catch my interest.
My column will continue to be opinion-based and usually center on some of the events, traditions and western culture of the area. Other times, it will be a topical column on something I find interesting and relevant. If some readers find the columns food for thought, others may find the columns casual conversation-starters, or conversation-enders as well.
The important thing is that the writing seems to keep some dialogue going. Casual conversations about all sorts of issues are essential.