Loose Ends: Timely offer shapes up

dollyviscardiNever mind making any New Year’s resolutions or setting goals you will never achieve — a new opportunity has opened up that will make them for you.
Take advantage of buying a yearly membership to the Meeker Recreation Center at half-price this week. It’s too good to pass up. It makes sense that after the season of giving comes the season of tightening one’s belt. It not only lets you meet one or two of your resolutions, it ensures that your newly trimmed body will come within budget and this is one bargain that will allow all of us to get in shape both physically and economically.
The MRC is only offering this bargain until the 15th of the month, so one can’t put off this decision too long. While the time for taking advantage of this offer is limited, the offer applies to new, renewed, and extended memberships and they offer a monthly payment plan. While most of the classes offered at the rec center are usually extra (morning tai chi classes for seniors are free at the moment), the use of the weight room and the pool make this one sweet deal. Buying a membership for one’s sweetheart is one idea as well, as Valentine’s Day isn’t far away.
Remember when work WAS the daily workout? Probably not, as that just isn’t true for most of us anymore. Sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen has become the norm. Ranch folks have always liked to hear people go on and on about their dedication to keeping in shape, as they’d already put in a few hours of heavy lifting before anyone in the community even got out of bed.
Unfortunately, these days those among us who have been working since the crack of dawn are reduced in number, so some sort of workout must be fit in before and after the day job. The time has long since passed that exercise was limited to school PE class and the playground.
Walking down the hall to leave after a morning swim, I noticed a number of eye-catching signs posted on the rec center wall. Guaranteed to spark the competitive spirit in some of us, various fitness challenges have been thrown down and must be completed during the next two months. Even if one finds themselves fitness challenged simply by getting out of bed each day to perform arduous physical tasks deemed exercise, these challenges could be tempting. Imagine being the acclaimed leader of the pack of such feats as water-treading, lap-swimming, weight-lifting? I know there are lots of challenge contenders out there, just waiting to tread water with their hands above their heads for one more second than their neighbor. I look forward to reading everyone’s name on the list as I slog along after my own fitness challenges.