Letter: Thanks from Meeker Drug, Rangely Rx owner

Meeker Drug and Rangely Rx greatly appreciate the understanding and compassion shown by our customers during this tragic situation regarding the fire sustained by our Meeker store on May 23. We know it has been confusing and difficult to re-establish prescription service and apologize for the inconvenience you all have experienced. Actually, our own family is in this same boat regarding obtaining medications.
We do not know, at this time, how long it will be before the store will reopen. We have had an experienced restoration contractor, building engineer and electrical engineer evaluate the damage, and we anticipate a timeframe and estimates from them the first part of this week. In the interim, I decided to transfer all prescription records to City Market in Craig. This will allow you to obtain your prescriptions at any City Market in Colorado, as their files are shared. You will be able to fill your prescription refills that were on file at our store without obtaining new prescriptions from your physicians. I sincerely hope this move will serve to assist, with ease, all of those customers in Rio Blanco County who obtained medications from us.
Our family wishes to extend our deepest thanks to the Meeker Volunteer Fire Department, the Meeker Police Department, the Meeker Ambulance Service and the Rifle Fire Department. I have read thank-you letters in the paper for many years written to these emergency agencies without truly understanding the emotion and sincerity involved. I don’t believe you can until you are in need of these selfless people who serve our rural community with efficiency and professionalism. We also want to thank the many friends, neighbors, Meeker merchants and our employees for countless acts of kindness and encouragement. This extends to our church family, “the little log cabin on Main Street,” the Church at Meeker. I don’t know how we would have gotten by without them. Prayer is our greatest need right now for God to give us strength and direction.
Thanks, too, to the county commissioners for permission to have a fire sale on the courthouse lawn. It was a much shorter walk to carry the items across the street, and I know the entire Main Street sidewalk would have been full of our smoke-damaged merchandise, much to the dismay of the other merchants on Main Street. Pioneers Medical Center has done a great job with enabling the “Streaker” to help folks get out of town. We encourage everyone to try to help out friends and neighbors alike with obtaining their medications. Please be assured that we will keep you updated as to the status of the store as it becomes available to us.
Linda M. Blagg, owner
and the entire Blagg family