McPhail uses seven iron to ace No. 7

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MEEKER — Joseph McPhail has been playing golf since he was 10 years old, now after only four years of experience, he has accomplished something most golfers will never — make a hole-in-one.
McPhail was golfing with classmate Cameron Stranathan May 8 when they came to the seventh hole at the Meeker Golf Course. McPhail hit a ball he found on the course, with his seven iron, then watched as it rolled into the cup.
“We just started yelling,” McPhail said.
When asked how he had been playing before the ace, McPhail simply replied, “bogeys.”
“I’ll start getting some pars during the middle of the season,” McPhail.
“They come out here and play all day,” Irven Griffin, the new golf manager said. “The youth should be encouraged to play.”