MCSCT builds next generation of volunteers

Jake Nieslanik

Jake Nieslanik
MEEKER I Volunteers are the lifeblood of any vibrant community and an essential part of what has made the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials a success. Over 26 years, countless volunteers have given their time, efforts and skills to create an event that allows Meeker to open its doors to the world.
The Meeker Classic Memorial Scholarship was established to honor exemplary volunteers that have passed away and to encourage local youth to become involved in their community. Many young people started their volunteer experience with the Meeker Classic. Engaging youth groups, schools and families, the Meeker Classic committee looks forward to working with this young generation of tomorrow’s leaders each year.
The scholarship is awarded to a Meeker High School graduate entering their second year of education in a two year trade school, two year associate degree or four year college or university. Applicants are awarded based on their community involvement and volunteer activities. The Meeker Classic wants to help build the next generation of volunteers and believes this scholarship is a small step towards achieving that goal.
The 2012 recipient of the Meeker Classic Memorial Scholarship began his volunteer career as a young boy selling lamb kabobs at the Meeker Classic. Later he moved on to trash, fencing and parking duty, seeing the whole scope of volunteer opportunities at the Meeker Classic. Involved in other volunteer activities with his church and school, this young man learned early the value of giving of yourself for the good of others.
We congratulate Jake Nieslanik as the 2012 recipient of the Meeker Classic Memorial Scholarship in memory of Genevieve Clough. Clough and her husband Bill were involved with the Meeker Classic since its beginnings in 1987. Both were avid supporters of community, education and youth. Awarding Jake $1,000 for the scholarship, the Meeker Classic feels that Jake represents the best of what we each could be. Clough would be proud to have this scholarship awarded in her name.
Nieslanik was awarded $1,000 that will go towards his studies at Lehigh University where he is currently a sophomore majoring in civil engineering. Nieslanik feels that volunteering “makes you realize how much you have and makes you more willing to give back. Giving yourself up to help others enhances your humility and makes you see the bigger picture of our developing world.” He was given the opportunity to learn how to give of himself in this community. He learned that his contributions helped make “his community flourish.”
We congratulate Jake Nieslanik and wish him well. Only through our youth can we insure the strength and stability of our communities and our country.
This scholarship is financed through donations and various fundraising activities held by the Meeker Classic. The committee will host a vending booth during the Capitol Christmas Tree Celebration downtown this Nov. 3. All proceeds from the booth will go towards the Meeker Classic Scholarship Fund.