Meeker Locals

haroldtymes4cHarold went on a little excursion last week to the big metropolis of Silt. If you haven’t visited Silt recently, you might want to pull off the interstate on your way through the area and check out their roundabout. As mentioned several weeks ago, it’s not the roundabout itself that has generated controversy in Silt, it’s the artwork in the center. The massive sculpture of a four-sided cliff includes carvings of a fly fisherman, a deer, a bear, a cougar, an eagle and a nude rock climber.
What?!? It’s true. Harold had to circle the roundabout several times (to the consternation of other motorists) to verify the rumor. Yes indeed, the climber apparently lost his (or her?) shorts on the way up the cliff.
With that in mind, if you’ve been through Rifle’s double-dip roundabout on the way to Wal-Mart, you’ve probably seen, admired or giggled at the two-dimensional metal cutouts of cattle and cowboys that adorn their islands. It seems you can’t just have a roundabout anymore, with maybe a few trees in the middle, you’ve got to make a community statement.
So, what kind of “statement” do we want our first roundabout to make? A bit of humor can go a long way in a stressful situation. With emotions running high on both sides, maybe a little art contest would defuse some of the distress. Suggestions?
Celebrating birthdays this week are Cherokee Burnell and Marki Cook, Nov. 12; Ken Steele, Marci Nielsen and Shelly Neilsen, Nov. 13; Megan Ridings and Jessica Berthelson, Nov. 14; Ryan Wix, Nov. 15; Karen Arnold, Ashley Roach and Liliana Piper, Nov. 16; Betty Lou Moyer, Nov. 17; J.C. Watt and Thad Hauck, Nov. 18.
Happy anniversary to Chris and Lynn Carroll, Nov. 14; and John and Laurel Haney, Nov. 18.
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