Meeker Locals: January 15

Ah, the rumor mill, ever in its place in a small town. In the last week we’ve heard, among other things, that a repeat of Black Sunday looms on the horizon, and that the town of Meeker plans to spend $8 million on its expansion of Second Street. Do people make this stuff up just to see who will believe it enough to repeat it?
Who has a birthday this week? Hal Pearce, Jan. 15; Kinzy Burke, Shannon Merriam and Teagan Oliver, Jan. 16; Mike Tate, Thomas Kennedy, Dwayne Newman, Steven Walsh, Jan 17; John Hampton Hightower, Jan. 18; Logan Hale, Ellen Pettijohn, Glenn Troester Jan. 19; Doris Welle, Theo Stewart, Jan. 20.
Happy anniversary Jan. 16 to Johnny and Patti Arrington, and to David and Lisa Piper, celebrating their 24th on Jan. 19.
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