Meeker Locals: January 22

Whether you like him or you don’t, we’ve all got ourselves a new president this week. Barack Obama was inaugurated into office Tuesday, Jan. 20. He’s the 44th president of the United States and the first African American to hold the office.
Just when you thought it was safe to eat prepackaged food again, Keebler announced the recall of it’s peanut butter crackers under the Austin and Keebler brands. You can get a refund, but is it really worth the time and effort to get that $2 back?
A belated happy birthday to Steve Balloga, Jan. 19 and Wendy Gutierrez, Jan. 20.
A message for Curll Kline, “Our family, friends and especially his wife would like to wish Curll a happy 75th birthday on Jan. 28! Wishing him well and better health ahead!”
Happy birthday to former RBC resident Vanoy Fields, who will turn a youthful 85 on Jan. 28. Happy birthday from all your friends here in Meeker!
Happy birthday to Eva Scritchfield, Jan. 22, and Sam Hightower, Jan. 24.
Celebrating birthdays today are Charlie Day, Carter Strate and Patrick Walsh. Happy birthday tomorrow, Jan. 23, to Justin Giao; Jan. 24, Bob Carden, Cliff Chapin, Dennis Norvell, David Henderson and Terry Thompson; Jan. 25, Margie Adams and Artie Parr; Jan. 26, Don Elliot and Melanie McKee; Jan. 27, Bonnie Kracht, Makaila Etchart, Earl Stout and Jim Cook; Jan. 28, Mike Whalin.
Happy anniversary wishes to Web and Kristine Frantz, Jan. 25.
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