Meeker Locals: March 19

For those of you who had birthdays last week, Harold’s column got squeezed right out of the paper. Too much news! Can you imagine?
So, belated birthday greetings go out this week to Lisa Darrow, Dale Dunbar and Jerrie Calkins, March 12; Caitlin Turner, Kaycee Sullivan, Luke Purcell, Tara Cojocaru and Brooke Goff, March 13; Zack Clatterbaugh, March 14; Sharon Cook, March 15; Trina Kennedy, Frank England and Tim Uphoff, March 16; J.R. Crawford, Linda Holeyfield and Shelton Doan, March 17; Georgeann Amack, March 18. We’re hopeful you all enjoyed your birthdays, in spite of not being mentioned in the local paper.
Happy anniversary to Harold and Pat Tidwell, March 12; David and Jan Henderson, James and Lori Tafoya, March 16; Dick and Cindy Welle, Bif and Brenda Burge, and Dick and Merle Deane Moyer, March 17.
Celebrating birthdays this week are Terry Hood, Janice Shults-Vaughn, Phylis Shults-Moss, Dorothy Bloomfield and Phoenix Doan, March 19; Margie Shrode, Donny McKee, Misty Bolton, Mike Joos, Sarah Welle, March 20; Jacob Posey and Lee Light, March 21; Lisa Piper and Pam Lopez, March 23; Devon Pontine and Ron Palmer, March 24; Fuzz Cook, Vicky Johnson and Casey Turner, March 25.
Happy anniversary to Rob and Paula Kracht, March 20; Joe and Linda Holeyfield, March 20; Stan and Amber Garcia, March 25; Fuzz and Roberta Cook, March 25.
In other news, we send get-well-soon wishes to Ran Cochran and Brett Cox. And a “good job” to the Meeker girls’ and boys’ basketball teams on their trip to the state tournament. You made us proud!
Is someone in your family having a birthday or anniversary soon? Let us know! Please send birthday greetings, anniversary wishes, and other social tidbits you’d like to share to, or mail items to P.O. Box 720, Meeker, Colo., 81641.