Meeker school board strengthens public complaints policy

MEEKER I The Meeker Board of Education (BOE) approved a revised district policy guiding the handling of public concern and complaints.
The board repeated unequivocally that “constructive criticism motivated by a sincere desire to improve the quality of the educational program or to equip the schools to do their tasks more effectively is welcomed.”

The policy sets forth a linear guidance for starting the process as close to the origin of the concern as possible. Issues involving teachers, coaches, aides, secretaries or custodians need to be taken to the concerning individual first.
If there’s no satisfactory resolution at that level, then the complaint is to be taken to the principal. If the school principal does not resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the complainant, then the matter is to be taken to the superintendent. Then, if still unresolved, the concern should be taken to the BOE.
If the complaint involves an extracurricular activity, the next step, after the person of the concern, is the athletic director and then the principal.
On matters regarding school transportation, the issue should be first taken up with any bus driver involved and then the manager of transportation before going to the superintendent.
On food service matters, the concern is to be taken up with any food server, cook or cashier involved and then the food service manager before going to the superintendent.
These steps are to be pursued before the issue is presented to the board. Any complaint taken to an individual board member is to be referred by that member to the appropriate individual pursuant to the above guidelines or request that the board member be given a written, signed complaint, which the member can pass on to the superintendent.
If the individual with the concern feels a satisfactory reply has not been received, that person is advised to consult with the next individual per the above guidelines. If the complaint needs to be heard by the BOE, the complainant is asked to present their concern during the public comment section of any board meeting.
Upon hearing such a presentation, the board may request a report from the superintendent detailing efforts to remedy the complaint; and/or invite the complainant to attend an executive session of the board if the concern involves sensitive information.
Following such meetings, the BOE is to issue a written response to the complainant within one week or direct the superintendent to contact the complainant within three days to convey the board’s findings.