Memories and more at 2018 Senior Send-off

By Allie Willey

Special to the Herald Times

MEEKER | Thursday, May 17 marked the last day of high School for Meeker’s Class of 2018. In honor of their last day of high school, before being sent into the real world, Meeker High School held its annual senior send off—a goodbye for the seniors’ final day. All the students gathered in their designated seating areas in the auditorium by class, and parents gathered to watch as well. The assembly started with a slideshow. The slideshow included baby pictures and senior pictures to show how the students have grown. It also shared memories throughout the years, from cute elementary school days to the awkward middle school phase to the people they have become today. It also included a beautiful memorial for their lost classmate Stone Martin, who passed away in 2010.

“It was a really nice way to say goodbye I guess,” said senior Dayton Willey.

From there the seniors went up on the stage and told stories starting from preschool, to awkward middle school dances, to eating pizza in Mr. Cameron’s science classes. As they were crawling through the grades, whenever someone joined the class they would join their classmates on the stage. The class has had several friends leave them throughout their years together, but by their stories you could tell that they remain united.

After the stories were told, the seniors all returned to their seats. Principal Chinn went to the stage and released the seniors from their final day of high school.

Then, in keeping with tradition, each class moved to its new section of the auditorium. The freshman become sophomores, the sophomores become juniors, and the juniors finally become seniors.

Commencement exercises for the Class of 2018 will take place Saturday, May 26 at Starbuck Stadium beginning at 10 a.m.