MHS Student Council elects new members for 2018-2019

MEEKER | The purpose of the Meeker High School (MHS) Student Council (StuCo), according to its constitution, includes enhancing the school’s “education mission by providing social, cultural, educational and developmental programs, events and services.” The official student council body includes the officers and class representatives.

Immediately following the senior assembly last Thursday afternoon at the high school, candidates for 2018-2019 offices gave their campaign speeches. The candidates were, for parliamentarian—freshman Mason Holliday and junior Andrew Kracht; for treasurer—junior Pake Burke and sophomore Jose Garcia; for secretary—junior Emily Beene and sophomore Jeniffer Kincher; for vice-president—sophomore Ridge Williams; and for president or co-presidents—sophomore Annelise Amack, juniors James Amick and Krissie Luce, and sophomores Brandon Lozano and Brynlee Williams.

The StuCo constitution states that the president shall maintain function and overall direction of the council, and further, that there may be co-presidents consisting of a head boy and a head girl.

Holliday has served as president of her freshman class, enjoys community service, planning events and watching others achieve. She’s been involved in musical theatre, choir, volleyball and FCCLA. Kracht was unable to be at the assembly as he was competing at state track. He’s stated that he’s running in support of Amick in order to bring new representation to student governance. The parliamentarian helps maintain order in all business meetings.

Burke is running for re-election as treasurer and wants to advance scholastic achievement in the school, seek improvement in community interaction with the school and social involvement. In particular, Burke wants to create a more accepting, cooperative atmosphere throughout MHS. He wants to continue to spread efficiencies in expenditures while also spending for positive adventures. Burke was president of his sophomore class. Garcia simply wants to be more involved in student government. He has been active with baseball, band, pep band, FFA, Rocky Mountain Youth Corps and bird and fish biology research.

Beene wants to help promote awareness of student events, ensure StuCo records are properly kept, stored and categorized, and help disseminate information from the council to the student body and community. She has been involved in a number of clubs from FFA to FCLA. Beene told potential voters, referencing the greater use of social media, “I’ll be your Mr. Worldwide!” Kincher would like to better MHS through improved spirit, functionality and fundraising. She works well within teams and has served in several leadership capacities, from VP of her freshman class to being secretary for FFA and FCCLA, and loves to volunteer at the local dog pound. She told voters, “I’ll take the notes if you give me the votes.”

Ridge Williams was also at state track. He has said he would like to bring valuable input and ideas to create a positive impact on MHS. Ridge has been involved in choir, drama, BSA life scout, community choir and numerous sports. Garcia spoke on his behalf. He was treasurer of his freshman and sophomore classes.

Annelise Amack is running to create a better student atmosphere, help StuCo develop a more organized student body and to practice her leadership skills. She has served as an FCCLA officer, freshman class president, StuCo VP, cheer co-captain and volunteer at church and youth group events. In her remarks, she stressed her experience, responsibility, reliability and independence.

Amick and Luce, both to be seniors, believe it is time for a significant change in StuCo leadership. Amick believes his experience away from StuCo is a plus with his strong outreach to those who typically have not been a part of student government. He wants to make MHS great again and a better place for all. He has had extensive experience in sports, FFA and 4-H. Luce told voters, “We offer a new beginning.”      

Williams and Lozano initially ran to bring back the co-president structure to StuCo. They are about positive change and are passionate about helping their community. They state they care about positive leadership, school pride and involvement, and particularly enjoy planning events and fundraisers. Both are very active in multiple extracurricular activities and community service organizations. They said they want to listen to their fellow students. Their theme—“Let’s Be Better Together!”

The election for these offices was conducted electronically at the high school on Tuesday [results – see sidebar].

MHS StuCo members for 2017-2018 included Briar Meszaros, president; Annelise Amack, vice-president; Kallie McCain, secretary; Pake Burke, treasurer; and Zach Harman, parliamentarian. Class representatives to StuCo were seniors Alicia Mobley and Christopher Strate; juniors Mary Baylie and Emily Beene; sophomores Brandon Lozano and Brynlee Williams; and freshmen Ethan Drake and Brayden Garcia.