Middle schools start basketball season

BMS boys' eighth grade basketball team.

The Barone Middle School boys’ basketball teams are well into their season, with two games left before the annual league tournament.

BMS seventh grade boys’ basketball team.
BMS boys’ eighth grade basketball team.
The seventh-grade A-team is currently 1-4 and the eighth-grade A-team is 2-3 after five games, including a win over Rangely last week, who beat them earlier in the season. The BMS teams will play in Steamboat Springs this Saturday. Representing the seventh-grade team are (back row) coach Steven Gannt, Uri Goedert, Logan Hughes, Doak Mantle, Zack Dinwiddie, Caedyn Dodds, Eli Newman, Valentine Rosas, Daylon Nielsen and manager Stephen Walsh. (Front row) Christopher Strate, Marcos Gonzales, Trapper Merrifield, Cooper Meszaros, Noah Mayerle, Ivan Todd, Brandon Benitez, Jacob Pelloni, Codey Woodward. (Above right) Representing this year’s eighth-grade team are (back row) coach Matty Garr, Tell Blanke, Tanner Slaugh, Layton Bair, Chase Rule, Clay Anderson, Casey Turner and Pedro Cepeda, (front row) Cole Brown, Hunter Garcia, Josh Cochran, Sheridan Harvey, Cody Nielsen and Austin Russell.