More than 80 participate in ERBM Park to Art races

Half-marathon overall female runner Lisa Belmonte runs through the Phillip & Dorcas Jensen Memorial Trails during the Park to Art Races on June 3. Please see the full race results on Page 13A. ERBM photo

MEEKER | The second annual Park to Art races, sponsored by the ERBM Recreation and Parks District, drew more than 80 runners participating in three different races and several age divisions for both genders. The 5K, 10K and half-marathon incorporated trail and road running through the Phillip and Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park trails and the streets of Meeker with all three races ending in Ute Park.
Coltyn Terry from Craig competed in the 13-19-age division and was the overall male winner of the 5K race, while it is believed Meeker’s Dessa Watson went up an age group to win the 30-39-year-old division and the overall female winner, completing the 5K in 28.02. Terry needed 21.05 to finish.
Wyatt Mortenson, also of Craig, ran the 10K in the 12-and-under division and finished as the overall male winner, completing the race in less than one hour (54.09). Meeker’s Kendra Ward was the overall female winner, running the 10K in 1:10.35.
Participant numbers were up tremendously from the first year and organizers credited local runners for getting the information out and promoting the race. Participants came from Clifton, Craig, Longmont, Golden, Dillon, Erie, Arvada, Grand Juncion, Rifle, Salt Lake City and North Ogden, Utah and even Chico, Texas.
The largest field was in the 5K, where 46 runners entered, 21 signed up for the 10K and 18 runners competed in the half-marathon, including Meeker’s own Marty Casey and Lisa Belmonte.
Casey, who helps coach Meeker’s track programs, including high school cross country, was the overall winner of the half-marathon, finishing the 13-mile race in 1:50.02, while Belmonte was the overall female winner, completing the course over China Wall in 1:59.09.
Meeker is becoming known for its runners and the ERBM is sponsoring a running club, set to meet each Tuesday throughout the month of August, meeting at the Rec. Center’s upper parking lot at 6:30 a.m. for walkers and 7:30 a.m.for runners. More than 20 have already enrolled.

The second annual Park to Art Run Races, featuring a 5K, 10K, and ½ Marathon, was held on Saturday, June 3 and included 85 total participants.
The Park to Art 10K Race, hosted by Eastern Rio Blanco Metropolitan (ERBM) Recreation & Park District, incorporated trail and road running through the Phillip & Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park trails and the city streets of Meeker to Ute Park.

5K Results:
Overall Male: Coltyn Terry, 21.05
Overall Female: Dessa Watson, 28.02

12 & Under Division
Male: Casey Brink, 23.20
Female: Jacey Follman, 29.59

13-19 Division
Male: Coltyn Terry, 21.05
Female: Kailana Clough, 30.33

20-29 Division
Female: Brittany Shubnell, 30.45

30-39 Division
Male: Carl Meinecke, 27.07
Female: Dessa Watson, 28.02

40-49 Division
Male: Colt Mortenson, 29.29
Female: April Allen, 35.36

50-59 Division
Male: Dale Dunbar, 53.59
Female: Terri Hale, 45.38

70+ Division
Female: Judith Barnstead, 38.55

10K Results
Overall Male: Wyatt Mortenson, 54.09
Overall Female: Kendra Ward, 1:10.35

12 & Under Division
Male: Wyatt Mortenson, 54.09

20-29 Division
Male: Luke Trout, 1:03.43
Female: April Newkirk, 1:15.23

30-39 Division
Male: Coleman Smith, 54.15
Female: Kendra Ward, 1:10.35

40-49 Division
Male: Mike Paris, 58.01
Female: Karen Paris, 1:12.26

60-69 Division
Male: Al Trout, 1:24.22

70+ Division
Male: Max Barnstead, 1:15.25

½ Marathon:
Overall Male: Marty Casey, 1:50.02
Overall Female: Lisa Belmonte, 1:59.09

13-19 Division
Male: Jacob Slone, 2:53.39

20-29 Division
Female: Jillian Gralewski, 2:09.30

30-39 Division
Male: Charlie Schayer, 2:03.58
Female: Ivy Coryell, 2:26.39

40-49 Division
Male: Marty Casey, 1:50.02
Female: Lisa Belmonte, 1.59.09

50-59 Division
Male: Kent Walter, 2.11.11

60-69 Division
Male: Joseph Dungan, 4:02.38

70+ Division
Male: Ross Westley, 3.29.14