National Honor Society members named

MEEKER | The National Honor Society (NHS) was established in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals in order to have national recognition of well-rounded students and to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, desire to render service, willingness to provide leadership and encouragement for the development of character. Meeker initiated its Scholastia NHS chapter in 1959.
In late April, the Scholastia Chapter held its induction ceremony. Meeker High School alum, Stan Hilkey, now the executive director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety, was the keynote speaker. (See April 27, 2017, Herald Times.)
According to teacher-sponsor, Kathleen Kelley, to be eligible for NHS membership, a student, as a sophomore, must have a 3.75 cumulative grade point average or better; as a junior, at least a 3.5 average; and as a senior, at least a 3.0 average. In addition, eligible students must have shown general success in school, community activities, service and citizenship. Inductees are selected— and current members are re-evaluated yearly—by a faculty team. Twenty-seven inductees were added to the 31 current members this year.
The 2016-2017 Meeker NHS officers were president Maggie Phelan, vice-president Sheridan Harvey and secretary Lori Ann Klinglesmith. These officers, along with seniors Madeline Amack and Meghan Smith, led the ceremony, describing the four elements of the NHS standard.
Harvey recited the importance of character, the force that distinguishes one from another without which none can respect themselves or hope for respect from others. It is striving daily to make the right choice. Klinglesmith stated that scholarship is the commitment to learning accomplished through diligence and effort. It is the lamp by which we read the past and the light which illuminates the future. Amack spoke of leadership, the exerting of a wholesome influence on the school, taking the initiative and yielding personal interest for the sake of others. Smith acknowledged service as helping others; a willingness to work without monetary compensation.
“Service,” she said, “is volunteering our time and abilities to create a better tomorrow.”
Graduating members of NHS were Cole Brown, Delenn Mobley, Kendra Nelson, Casey Turner, Julia Eskelson, Nishiko Thelen, Chase Rule, Kinzy Burke, Reese Pertile, Faith Goedert, Peyton Burke, Korey Hood, Anna Walsh and Rosie Wans. The senior inductees this year were Halle Ahrens, Lesli Herrera-Valenzuela, Linda Lombardi and Liliana Rivas.
Current junior NHS members (Class of 2018) are Josephine Drussell, Sember Leatham, Alicia Mobley, Mariela Rosas, Natalie Simonsen, Sierra Williams, Macy Collins, Trapper Merrifield, Brittany Adams, Christopher Strate, Lauren Urista and Lavender Castaldo. Junior inductees this year are Zachary Dinwiddie, Logan Hughes, Elijah Newman, Cooper Meszaros, Abigail Morgan, Jacob Pelloni and Shelby Steele.
Sophomore inductees (Class of 2019) are Ellie Anderson, Shelbi Blazon Lagimoniere, Gracelyn Bradfield, Kale Burke, Pake Burke, Michaela Jones, Tannen Kennedy, Lila Klinglesmith, Kassandra Luce, Kristin Luce, Sydnie Main, Briar Meszaros, Allison Moon, Alex Murray, Megan Shelton and Kenzie Turner.