New faces at the Town of Rangely

RANGELY | Effective Jan. 1, 2019, Rangely will officially have a new town manager, town clerk and town treasurer. Interim Town Manager Lisa Piering introduced Rangely’s new town clerk, Erica Eyer, to the town’s Board of Trustees at the Dec. 11 meeting. Eyre recently relocated from Denver with her husband, who has taken a job at Colorado Northwestern Community College.

“I’m really happy to be here and working with you all. Hopefully I can be a cog in your really awesome machine,” Eyre told the board.

Marybel Cox will take on the role of town treasurer. Piering, who has served as combined clerk and treasurer, will work with Eyer and Cox to transition them into their new roles, and they will attend training sessions throughout 2019.

Piering asked trustees to begin thinking about topics for discussion during a future planning retreat for the board members.

Town planner Jocelyn Muller has been asked to become a reviewer for GoCo grants. Piering said she thinks Muller gaining that experience could prove beneficial to Rangely in applying for future GoCo grants.

Piering also thanked everyone who attended the Blueprint 2.0 meeting held in conjunction with the county economic development department regarding development of Rangely’s outdoor recreation amenities. She said there are grants available for trails and bike paths which Rangely already has mapped out.

Thanks to employee compliance with Pinnacol’s safety programs, the Town of Rangely received $8,000 in dividends back on workman’s compensation insurance.

“The employees have done an awesome job,” Piering said.

Trustee Andy Key suggested distributing that money back to the employees, and the board agreed to discuss that possibility, and the best way to handle it, in upcoming meetings.

In other business, the board approved an ordinance repealing language from the town’s municipal code regarding loitering and begging. Rangely was one of 31 communities challenged by the Colorado chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union to repeal ordinances restricting panhandling.

The board also approved the certification of the mill levy for 2019, in the amount of $167,23; approved a 2018 supplemental budget related to additional expenses of rehabbing White River Village; and approved the town’s 2019 budget.