New presidency called to serve in LDS Meeker Stake

CRAIG — The presidency of the Meeker Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was reorganized Sunday, June 15 at a conference in Craig. The Meeker Stake covers the areas from Steamboat Springs, Craig and Baggs, Wyo., to Rangely and Dinosaur and from Aspen, Glenwood Springs and Eagle to Rifle and Meeker.
Visiting general authorities Elder Marlin K. Jensen and Elder Kent D. Watson on assignment from Church President Thomas S. Monson, came as Elder Jensen stated, “to identify, by revelation, the new Stake presidency that our Heavenly Father has prepared.” Although the Elders have a list of possible choices, they come and spend several days in solemn prayer and fasting to have the Spirit manifest the proper person for the calling.
Elder Jensen first released the current presidency of J. Fred Jex and his Councilors Aaron C. Woodward and Gary D. Ellgen, and he continued to the congregation, “I can see the success of this presidency looking into your eyes because of your love.”
Elder Watson announced that Curtis Ercanbrack, current Bishop of the Rifle 1st Ward, as the new Stake president with David Ellgen of Craig as first councilor and Chris Smith of Eagle Valley as second councilor. The councilors are also termed “presidents” as they have authority to act at the direction of the Stake president. A unanimous sustaining vote by common consent for the new presidency was given by the roughly 1,500 gathered saints. In their addresses, President Ercanbrack stated, “Our greatest (gospel) resource in the Meeker Stake is the people,” then President Ellgen spoke on a jovial personal note saying, “I am not sure how I have found myself here! The real strength of the Stake is in front of me.” President Smith added, “Denver may be the Mile High City, but our stake is truly much higher and set on a hill for all to be seen. Let our light shine a little brighter.” Elder Jensen closed the conference saying, “You have something unique in your Stake. Take this greatness and share it freely.”