OPED: Meeker seniors, check out this awesome exercise opportunity

MEEKER | If you’re like me, seniors, it gets harder and harder to exercise. I used to walk nearly a mile every day. In some years I swam laps at the pool, but not now. I have pretty much failed at keeping up with my prescribed physical therapy exercises. Over the years it gets more difficult to maintain even a basic exercise program.

Recently, I signed up for a water aerobics class, the “Senior Splash” at the rec center. I encourage you to think about doing likewise or something similar. I am not a marketing person for the rec center and certainly not a “health nut,” but frankly the resources at our rec center are a somewhat hidden, but affordable gem that can strengthen your core body skills, basic body flexibility, and increase mobility.

Yup, I know, this entire class does not sound fun. Up, out, and ready to exercise at 8:15 a.m.! Really? I resisted the schedule but, in just a few classes, I may not be jumping out of bed, but I actually look forward to attending. I go with a friend and that helps our mutual attendance.

Our instructor is over the top encouraging. She keeps us perked up and moving ahead for 45 continuous minutes no matter our limitations, that are many. There are no judgments, critical comments—just loads and I do mean tons of encouragement.

You do not need to be able to swim. This class is standing in chest deep water so no swimming skills required. Ladies, your hair doesn’t even have to get wet.  You don’t have to wear a sleek, beach ready swimsuit. This is not a body building class for 20-year-olds.

We just do what we can and wear what we can fit into. That is the true joy and enrichment of this class. Just show up, wear whatever, do your best with the exercises, encourage each other, and don’t give up. Next classes continue through April and May, twice a week, just $14 if you are a senior. I think drop-ins are also welcome.

Or, use all the workout equipment or swim on your own schedule or sign up for a class that fits you. I am far from being a health junkie, but perhaps you like me, will find a resource to strengthen your health at our local rec center.

By Kaye Sullivan | Special to the Herald Times

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