Rangely Food Bank in need of financial support to meet increased demand

RANGELY I After several years of a tight local economy the Rangely Food Bank is continuing to experience increased demand for their services and, as a result, an amplified need for donations. According to food bank director Christine Brasfield, “More people are without a job and are struggling with utilities and rent. If we help with the food, then they are able to pay for the rent and utilities.” The food bank, which has been around for decades, currently serves 13 families each week, including families from Dinosaur. “The Rangely Food Bank’s mission is to provide food so that no one in Rangely or Dinosaur goes hungry. Our funding depends solely on donations and grants,” said Brasfield. Unfortunately, the current situation at the food bank makes that mission harder. With a lack of cash reserves the operation is struggling to pay their rent. “Currently we have less than $1,000 which we will need to pay for rent. But that means we won’t be able to buy food much longer,” she said. Another result of the lack of funding could be the potential inability to help Dinosaur residents. “We may be forced to reject people from Dinosaur,” Brasfield said. “This might be an option that we will have to turn to help alleviate our funding issues.” The bank is able to purchase food items at a highly discounted rate from a warehouse in Grand Junction. Because of this Brasfield says they are most in need of cash. “This year we have raised $2,500 in cash donations as well as received a pig from Deserado Mine along with several food drives from the 4-H, post office and Rangely Hospital,” she said. Anyone interested in helping out the food bank with a donation of either food or money, or who is in need of food assistance should contact Christine at 970-620-2407. “With hunting season many people are cleaning out their freezers for their new animal. We are always in need of meat,” she said. The Food Bank is currently open on Wednesdays from 5-6 p.m. Brasfield is hopeful there will be a time when funding is increased enough that they can be open an additional day of the week.