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blakesmithmugHappy Holidays!
I have had a few people say that they really miss my articles, so here I am, and I am depending on all of you to send me news.
Were you able to enjoy any of the Holidayfest activities last weekend? Emma was so excited to see Santa Claus on Saturday (until she actually saw him), and then she cried. She did love decorating the cookies and the cupcake walk, though, and then had to take one more peek at Santa before leaving. Our family enjoyed the parade of lights this year. It was an impressive parade and Emma did blow a kiss to Santa there. I guess it makes a difference as to how close he is to her.
As I’m writing this, the snow is coming down. Hey, I’m all for a white Christmas, but let it start on Dec. 24. Do you have any holiday plans you would like to share? If so, let me know. Our extended family all has different work schedules this year, so we will be celebrating throughout the month, but my sister Brooke, her husband Charlie and their baby Cutler will be coming home on Christmas Eve. This will be Cutler’s first Christmas and between Santa and grandma, they may have to borrow a sleigh to take all of his presents home.
Also, during this season, I hope you will remember all of those who may need a little help. Maybe put a few coins in the Salvation Army kettle, adopt a child from an Angel Tree, or anonymously send something to someone you know. I have found that helping others really does make me realize the true meaning of the holiday.
On to celebrations: Happy birthdays to Anne McDonald on Dec. 7, Robby Elam on Dec 8, and Rick Brady on Dec. 11.
OK, now it’s up to you to send me news to share. Birthdays, anniversaries, visitors, community events, etc. You can e-mail me at blake@theheraldtimes.com or call 675-8021.