Rangely PD seeks to eliminate drug traffic

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RANGELY | In a public hearing during the Oct. 25 town council meeting in Rangely, Chief of Police Vincent Wilczek highlighted efforts by the Rangely Police Department to eliminate drug traffic coming into Rangely from Dinosaur. A concerted effort to crackdown on narcotics has been a key focus for the department, Wilczek explained, and said cooperation with Moffat County law enforcement is critical in reaching the goal of eradicating narcotics in Rangely. Also on the agenda was the investment in Home on the Rangely, a publication created by Elizabeth Wiley designed to create interest and community pride in the town of Rangely. Promotion of tourism and education about the nostalgia and history of the area are the driving force behind the publication. Questions for Wiley from the trustees included whether they could advertise special events that might be important to tourism for Rangely. Wiley said she would be open to having events in the community advertised in the magazine. Wiley was also asked if the publication is backed by local businesses. She said there were several businesses willing to back her magazine financially and explained that she believes she has a “very well thought-out business model” in which there are different levels of advertising. The council members declined to approve the price tag of $12,000 for one year of publication. The lower price of $500 per month was voted on but that motion also failed to carry.