Rangely schools talk discipline

RANGELY | Following a last minute change in meeting time the Rangely School Board met last Tuesday to discuss a new discipline plan and vote on principal contracts.

Relocation of 1st Grade

The board discussed potentially moving first grade to the early education building. Staff members in attendance were split on the issue, however the board gave the district its blessing to move forward with the change. The need for the move stems from a desire to expand the third, fourth and fifth grades to three classrooms each and an additional special education room. The move will require some work on the west side of the EEC to connect the new administration offices to the district network and phone system.

Student Behavior Concerns

The district is finalizing the development of a school-wide behavior and discipline plan developed by Parkview Principal Mike Kruger. The stated goal was to create consistency for students. Scoggins described the plan as “responsive to some of the issues we’ve had.” The plan also defines bullying and provides levels to various infractions of rules and consequences. The plan will be mailed to parents and require parental and student signatures.

Board President Kurt Douglas said that the BOCES board previously approved the hire of a new BOCES employee who will focus specifically on behavior issues and the addition of more paraprofessionals to assist students with behavior problems in both Meeker and Rangely Schools.

Contract Approvals

The contracts for both Parkview Elementary Principal Mike Kruger and Junior/Senior High Principal Crandal Mergelman were approved. Kruger received three “yes” votes with board President Douglas and member Joyce Key voting no. Mergelman’s contract was approved unanimously.

Parent Input

Two parents requested the ability to provide input on both general policies being reviewed by the board, such as cell phone use in the school and the new behavior contracts. The board said they would appreciate parent feedback but did not describe how parents should respond.

Superintendent Report

Superintendent Matt Scoggins told the board that the district will be improving the football field over the summer including new sprinklers, new soil and seed. They will also be replacing pipes at Parkview and improving the baseball field over the summer.


According to Scoggins the biggest hit to the district’s budget is an increase in health insurance costs. He is also seeking to add a part time art teacher at Parkview and a Spanish teacher. Scoggins said he expects an $80,000 increase in state funding via a reduction in the negative factor.

Students of the Month

The April Student of the Month awards went to Miekka Peck and Trenton Files and the May awards were presented to Kierra Powell and Tasha Teal. The awards were sponsored by the Town of Rangely and were presented by Town Councilman Andy Key.


The board accepted the resignations of IT Director Bo Bertoch and Agriculture/FFA Teacher Emma Curtis.