RHS Cheer squad goes to Denver…

The Rangely High School cheerleaders attended the Denver Nuggets game in Denver on Jan. 27, 2018, to perform a dance for the pregame. The cheerleaders earned most of the money for their trip by putting on a bake sale and a 50-50 raffle at the home basketball against Meeker. Most of the goodies for the bake sale were made by the parents of the girls. There were also some donations from other community members to help with the bake sale.The rest of the money that the girls did not earn was donated by our Rangely booster club. It helped pay for the team dinner the night of the game and some of the room fees.

When the girls arrived in Denver they unpacked and ate before heading over to the Pepsi Center to have a three hour practice. The girls’ practice was put on by the NCA who were gracious enough to help the girls work on the dance and perfect it to the best of their abilities. After the girls ran through the dance they went back to the hotel to eat and get ready.

All the cheerleaders had to return to the stadium by 5:15 p.m. to be lined up for the performance.

After the performance the cheerleaders got to enjoy the Denver Nuggets game against the

Mavericks. It was a great experience for the girls and a wonderful weekend.

Cherise Cardin Photo

Story by RHS Senior Destinee Ortega