Rifle Ranger Districts closes roads for winter

RBC I The onset of winter has prompted the Forest Service to close two roads on the Rifle Ranger District. The road to Little Box Canyon and Coulter Mesa (NFSR 832) and the Buford-Newcastle Road (NFSR 245) will be closed to automobile use as of Tuesday, Nov. 29. Both roads will remain open to snowmobile use. The Buford-Newcastle Road will be closed at the West Elk trailhead (also known as the gravel pit). Both roads will be closed with barricades and will reopen when conditions on the ground permit.
The closures are seasonal and serve to keep people from getting stuck on roads that are not plowed, protect the roads from increased wear and tear from to use of chains, as well as enhance the conditions for snowmobile use. Drivers of vehicles found past the barricades will be issued a citation.
Questions should be directed to the Rifle Ranger District at 970-625-2371.