Rio Blanco Cup goes to Rangely

Winners of the Rio Blanco Cup tournament were all smiles Sunday afternoon. COURTESY PHOTO
Winners of the Rio Blanco Cup tournament were all smiles Sunday afternoon.
The coveted Rio Blanco Cup will reside in the Cedar Ridges clubhouse for the coming year, after Rangely won the annual tournament 39 to Meeker’s 18.

RBC | The coveted Rio Blanco Cup annual golf tournament was played last weekend at Cedar Ridges Golf Course and Rangely walked away easily with the win on their home turf.

The annual event consisted of three rounds of scramble and best ball on Saturday, and individual match play on Sunday. Saturday, Rangely won scramble play 10/4 and best ball 13½ /1½. Sunday, Rangely once again prevailed in match play 15½ / 12½ for a final Rangely winning score of 39 to Meeker’s 18.

Rangely will get to keep the cup at their clubhouse for the coming year.

Playing for Rangely were: Leilanie Morgan, Teresa Broderick, Linda Gordon, Lavella Justus, Cori Elam, Norian Edwards, Ellen Boudreaux, Jan Cooper, Heather Welsh, Candra Robie, Clark Edwards, Robby Elam, Christopher Hejl, Mark Neumeier, Julian Mendoza, Terry Richardson, Jon Templeton, Caleb Templeton, Ryan Elam, Jason Cox, James Maybury, Rob Morgan, Bryan Mackay, Rick Brady, Trey Robie, Adam Johnson, Jerry Blankenship and Mark Skelton.

Playing for Meeker were: Danielle Feola, Jill Massey, Pat Sanson, Peggy Back, Lex Collins, JC Watt, Kyle Hooks, Rob Trask, Ted Relihan, Pat Walsh, Jason Mack, Bill Devergie, Larin Crase, Willy Theos, Phil Arnold, Nick Massey, Irv Griffin, Jeff Haynes, Mark Litzelman, Scott Bowman, Sam Etheridge, Don McPherson, Harry Watt, Nick Burri, George Back and Greg Ackerman.

By TIFFANY JEHOREK | Special to the Herald Times

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