Rio Blanco Days Gone By

The Meeker Herald — 75 years ago
Jan. 17, 1935
• With the White River valley blanketed with another heavy snowstorm there should be no drought in this section this year.
• The Cowboys lost the first game of the season to Hayden. Playing for the Cowboys were Hossack, Steinmetz, Clinard, Wells, Kilduff, Erwin and Pollard.
• Special meeting of the town council was called last Saturday morning to discuss the epidemic. It appeared that the measles was under control, but scarlet fever respread and a few more cases were reported.
• Don’t forget the rabbit hunt on Little Beaver. Meet at Tagert’s at 9 o’clock Sunday morning. Bring your guns.

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
Jan. 21, 1960
• Clarence Johnson has taken a lease on the Meeker Conoco Service Station.
• The county commissioners and city council signed a 20-year lease for the operation of a nursing home in connection with Pioneers Hospital.
• The weather in the White River valley continues to be unusual. Tuesday morning the temperature dropped to 14 degrees below zero, which is the second coldest night of the winter.
• Craig suffered the worst fire in the city’s history last Saturday. The fire destroyed Gearhart Motor company’s building. The heat was so intense they were unable to move much out of even the office other than records and one car in the showroom.

The Meeker Herald — 20 years ago
Jan. 11, 1990
• The honor of being the first baby born this decade when to Erin LeAnn Watson, daughter of Jim and Vicki Watson. Born Jan. 14, 1980, the lass joins her older brother Jimmie and 7-year-old twins Billie and Brett.
• California real estate man William C. Ring purchased 253 lots in the Sanderson Hills subdivision for $325,500.
• Getting into the spirit of the Super Bowl game pitting the Broncos against the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday, Bill and Donna Wille decorated the front of their house with Bronco paraphernalia. A diehard Bronco fan, Donna says she refuses to believe that the Broncos will get beat.

The Rangely Times — 50 years ago
Jan. 21, 1960
• County Commissioners rejected a plan from the two county hospital boards to split the hospital levy evenly between the Rangely and Meeker hospitals. Both hospital boards approved the resolution, but the commissioners said “they would divide the money — on a basis of need as they saw fit.”
• Profanity has been called the well-known signature of a simple mind.
• Baby New Year for Rangely was the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lovelace. The baby, born Jan. 11, 1960, was named Jesse James.
• Coming to the Rig Theatre for four big days: the most tremendous motion picture ever! “The Ten Commandments” starring Charlton Heston

The Rangely Times — 30 years ago
Jan. 21, 1980
• Joe Kennedy is the new superintendent at Dinosaur National Monument.
• Governor Richard Lamm has challenged his own state to back up his national campaign for what he calls “fast track energy conservation.”
• All three county commissioners met with U.S. Congressional aides concerning the location of the proposed Moon Lake Electric 400-megawatt generating plant.

The Rangely Times — 20 years ago
Jan. 21, 1990
• The zoning has been approved and it looks like a new Wal-Mart will be opening in Vernal in October of this year.
• Kevin Hejl and Ryan Gillette were the winners of some very unusual smoke detectors in the kids only drawing by the fire prevention team.
• Rangely wrestlers defeated Basalt in a dual 39-18. Winning their matches: David Williams, Roger Rowley, Gary Belveal, Brian Prater, Dusti Rose, Clint Aronson, Jason McAlister, Jarred Porter.