Sarah Hume Nielsen hopes to be Rangely’s business voice

Sarah Nielsen
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Sarah Nielsen
Sarah Nielsen
RANGELY I Sarah Hume Nielsen is one of 10 candidates seeking election to one of the three open Rangely Town Trustee positions in April’s election.
Neilsen, who owns Rangely Conoco with her husband, Bart, is a lifelong resident of Rangely.

If elected, Nielsen hopes to be a voice for local businesses on the council.
“I believe that the recent councils and our town management seem to forget about the local businesses that are here supporting them and driving the local economy,” Neilsen said. “Local Rangely business needs a voice and a presence on the council, and if you don’t make the time to get involved with decisions that effect you, it’s hard to be mad at the outcome. Which is why I decided to run.”
Nielsen hopes that the voters of Rangely will give her a chance to channel her passion and work with the town to create “healthy economic growth, including growth and local support for all existing businesses in the town of Rangely,”
Nielsen believes that owning and managing the Rangely Conoco with her husband has given her a solid foundation for helping to determine the future course of the town.
“I know what it’s like to have to survive the boom and bust cycle of an energy-industry driven economy,” Nielsen said. “I’ve watched the town go through prosperous times and hard times just as our business has, and I understand the importance of a small town supporting its local businesses. We are all in this together and we must stand together during tough times.”
The mother of three wants voters to know that her love of her home town has driven her to make the decision to seek a seat on the council.
“I love Rangely,” she said. “That is why I am still here and want to see Rangely growing and supporting all our local entities, including our school system and hospital.”