Septemberfest winners

RANGELY I Barbecue Cook-off: 1st- Charlie Lohse, 2nd – Nate Polley, 3rd- Paul Lewis.
5k Race: 1st Man- Steve Green, 1st Woman- Phoebe Nickson, 1st Kid- Andrew Dorris.
Bench Press: 1st Lightweight Man- Kenny Henson, 1st Woman- J’lyn Wren, 1st Midweight Man- Kyle Wren, 1st Heavyweight- Jeff Fielder.
Chili Cook-off: 1st Green- Danny Dorris, 1st Red- Nate Polley, Best Overall- Ryan Kennedy.
Muddy Dip-N-Dash: 1st- Kenna Ahrens (5), 1st- Haiden Sturgill (8), 1st- Miley Chism (10), 1st- Chase Beard (13), 1st-Masson Sturgill (30), 1st Phoebe Nickson (34)

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