Slide Show: Rangely 4-H has been busy

RANGELY — The Rangely 4-H kids finished off the end of the school year with many 4-H activities.
phrg4hpencleanup1First off, the Rangely community pen clean-up was on the April 20. There were several clubs raking and pulling weeds including the Makin’ Bacon Swine Club and the Chipigitt Animal Club. Everyone worked hard, so the clean-up got done in about 30 minutes. We would like to thank the Rangely Fire Department for burning the weeds for us.
May 9 was another busy day. It started with 4-H/FFA animal tag and weigh-in. Sixty-two pigs, nine goats and four sheep were weighed and tagged in Rangely. During the weigh-in, the Rangely Dog Obedience club had a successful bake sale for the Rangely Animal Shelter. Bonnie Long and Roxie hosted a feeder show, judging and showmanship practice. FFA hosted a presentation on swine care and nutrition by Meeker’s swine leader Tom Walsh.

The Rangely 4-H Council had 14 members and five adults help with the annual highway clean-up on county road 139. Everyone worked hard and enjoyed a pizza party after they finished. The members take a lot of pride in keeping there section of Highway 139 clean.
The Makin’ Bacon Club meets monthly and members are reminded to prepare a presentation as part of the club requirements. This month, Myriah Moreno’s demonstration was on how to wash your pig. The club is trying to plan a 4-H/FFA dance for the 4th of July weekend. Also, the club plans to have a record book meeting so Rangely will continue to turn in great books.
The Rangely Dog Obedience Club led by Barbara Urbanik meets every Tuesday at Elks Park so they can train their dogs. Dog obedience will take place on Tuesday before the county fair.

By Tessa Slagle