Spelling Bee …

The Parkview Spelling Bee was held last Thursday, Feb. 9, in the spectator gym at Parkview Elementary School. The bleachers were almost full with parents, grandparents, neighbors and classmates. Grades 3-4 held preliminary spelling bee rounds in their classrooms in January to select the qualifiers. The third grade qualifiers were Tylee Fielder, Talton Vandewark, Hunter Stewart, Kaelyn Geer, Aubrey Kenny and Aren Robertson. The fourth grade qualifiers were Angelina Fortunato, Colin Zadra, Emmeree Wagner, Jasmine Brannan, Karlee Halcomb and Trayse Ganser. And in fifth grade the qualifiers were Heavanly Hartmann, Ryann Mergelmann, Morgan Ellis, Laurie Ward, Joaquin Ladron de Guevara, Isaiah Trujillo. After five grueling rounds fourth grader Colin Zadra and fifth grader Joaquin Ladron de Guevara were left standing to face off for the school championship. In the end, Joaquin Landron de Guevara was crowned the 2017 Spelling Bee Champion for Parkview. As a special prize, both boys were awarded a free one-year subscription to the Encyclopaedia Britannica Online for Kids. Joaquin will go on to attend and compete in the Denver Post Colorado State Spelling Bee at the University of Denver’s Sturm Hall in March. Matt Scoggins Photo

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