Stars-n-Stripes Shootout Results

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6-8 Female:  LtoR:  Taylor Garcia, Charlie Rogers, Rhiwan Williams, and Aimee Shults.

6-8 Male:  Named not in order (from Craig): Cort Murphy, Hudson Jones, Easton Briggs, and Bryant Carlson

9-12 Female: LtoR: Julia Dinwiddie, Madison Kindler, Sarah Kracht, and Hailey Knowles.

9-12 Male: LtoR: Jonathan Lopez, Adrian Carabantes, Leroy Olivas, and Juan Oliva

18+ Male: LtoR: Ever Olivas, Kris Kauber, Caleb Tempelton, Nathan Terrin


Sixteen teams participated in the Stars-n-Stripes Shootout, hosted by ERBM Recreation & Park District, on July 4 at Town Park.

In the 6-8th grade divisions, the Dream Team (Rhiwan Williams, Charlie Rogers, Taylor Garcia, and Aimee Shults) came away with top honors in the female bracket while the Bulldogs (Cort Murphy, Hudson Jones, Easton Briggs, and Bryant Carlson) were top finishers in the male division.

The Flying Americans (Madison Kindler, Hailey Knowles, Julia Dinwiddie, and Sarah Kracht) won the 9th-12th grade female vision, while Very Good Not Awful (Johnathan Lopez, Leroy Olivas, Juan Oliva, and Adrian Carabantes) took the top prize in the 9-12th male division.

The KFC Buckets (Ever Olivas, Nathan Terrin, Caleb Tempelton, and Kris Kauber) were the winners in the 18+ male division.