State awards for WRCD board members

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RBC | The Colorado Association of Conservation Districts (CACD) hosted its annual meeting in November. During the awards luncheon, three past White River Conservation District board members—Jim Amick, Gary Moyer and Leonard Thompson—were recognized for their hard work and dedication to the districts.

Jim D. Amick was recognized as a 2018 CACD Hall of Fame recipient.  JD became a White River Conservation District Board Member in 1990. He served for 28 years and retired in the spring of 2018. To reinforce the districts’ motto, “promoting the wise use of all natural resources,” he strongly supported education and the efforts of the Rio Blanco County Weed Advisory Board.

Amick became a board member of the Upper Colorado Environmental Plant Center at the same time as his WRCD board appointment.  The Plant Center is his passion and reason he served much of his time on the Conservation District Board.

In addition, he served as the Rio Blanco County Weed Advisory Board Director, Rio Blanco County Farm Bureau Board President, CSCB Director, Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Board member, and the local Resource Conservation and Development Board member.

Realizing the amount of time that Amick has spent in these positions, it was obvious that he has a true passion for conservation and is a well sought-after member of our community. His deep and ongoing initiative to do what is best for the stakeholders in our area and for our natural resources will live long in his legacy.

Gary Moyer was recognized as the 2018 Supervisor of the Year. He became a White River Conservation District Board Member in July 2006. He has served as the district president and other offices including the districts’ representative to CACD where he served four years as president. Moyer served as Colorado’s representative to the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) board, and finally served on the NACD Executive Board. He has dedicated countless hours to ensure the districts’ constituent’s concerns are heard by carrying policy and resolutions through the district, state and national levels in support of the wise use of all natural resources.

Moyer has made a measurable impact over the past 12 years as a passionate advocate for our natural resources and has devoted himself to sustained and selfless voluntary service to the associations on all levels and has developed his leadership skills throughout his services within the conservation districts. The White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts view Moyer as a superior role model to conservation districts on all levels and are appreciative of CACD’s recognition of his service.

Past White River board member Leonard Thompson was recognized in the memorial of conservation board members who died in 2018. Thompson served on the White River Conservation District board and the Upper Environmental Plant Material Center from 2011–2014.  He was a welcome addition to the Board with his get-it-done attitude. Thompson worked closely with staff of both entities to help improve the activities and management.

He helped the White River CD reach a greater audience to make an impact regarding forest health. He was the brainchild behind the district’s development of 30-second videos promoting active management of Colorado forests. With the help of the CSCB matching grant program, the videos were developed and aired on Denver TV stations and continue to reside on the district’s website today helping viewers understand the need for active forest management in order to have healthy forests. The success of this project led to the districts’ development of more videos on other natural resource issues. Leonard was an invaluable member of the board.

The White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts appreciate the dedication and efforts these men provided to the local, state and national conservation efforts.

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