Stray bullets cause a scare at Community Gardens

RANGELY | Sunday afternoon several gardeners working at the Rangely Community Garden experienced a fright when stray bullets found their way into the garden.
According to Community Garden President Danielle Cooper, around 4 p.m. Sunday the gardeners heard three pops that they assumed were bottle rockets. While investigating the sounds they found what Cooper describes as high caliber ammunition. They filed a police report and believe that it was someone target shooting on the rim south of town who wasn’t aware of their stray bullets.
“Even a small .22 bullet can travel up to a mile,” said Cooper. “We want to remind everyone that if you are out in the hills shooting, make sure you know where your bullet is going and don’t ever shoot at the horizon where you can’t see what is on the other side,” she added.
Rangely Police Chief Vince Wilczek similarly reminds people that discharging a firearm within town limits, unless at a designated area, is illegal.
In the meantime, Cooper says that the Sheriff’s Department will be patrolling the rimmed areas around town, ensuring people aren’t shooting in the direction of the town.