Students present thank-you puzzle

Jeff Burkhead Student council members from Meeker Elementary School visited the new school Feb. 24 and presented a thank-you puzzle to workers on the project.MEEKER I We are glad to present this thank-you puzzle to Neenan and everyone who participated in building our new school.
This puzzle represents the pieces of our school building. Just as you put together our brand new school, we put together the pieces of this puzzle to show our appreciation. This puzzle represents all of the hard work and effort you put into making our new school. We know that you spent a lot of time away from your families and worked in extreme conditions for many months to make this building a place where students will learn for generations.
We hope you know how much we appreciate all that you did for us and we would like you to keep this as a way to remember the students of Meeker Elementary School and how much we love you!
Madeline Amack
MES Student Council president

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