Letter to the Editor: Thanks to all voters who voted; editor blind

Dear Editor: Thank you to all registered voters in Rio Blanco County who cast a ballot in the Nov. 5 coordinated election. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Slam to the voters

Dear Editor: On Page 4A of the Nov. 7 issue of the Rio Blanco Herald Times, I believe Mr. McMahon’s opinion concerning the integrity of voters who vote by mail-in ballot was quite a slam to the 2,000-plus recent voters of Rio Blanco County. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Reader read up on issues before voting

Dear Editor: My name is Ed Ballegeer and I have a few comments in reference to your “Through My Window” comments in the paper last week. Share on Facebook

Tax issues voted down, school board members chosen

RBC I Tuesday was a bad day for those backing any kind of tax increase as Amendment 66 at the state level and Ballot Issue 3A in Meeker failed to carry a majority of voters. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Vote for 3A, not Amendment 66

Dear Editor: I urge everyone to take the time to vote in this mail-in ballot election. Learn about the issues on the ballot and about the school board candidates to make informed decisions. Be aware that there are two separate and very different issues on the ballot concerning funding for education. Share on Facebook

It’s not too late to vote in election

RBC I The upcoming coordinated election on Tuesday marks the beginning of a major change in how Colorado will be conducting its elections; however, it is still not too late to vote by mail or in person at the voter service and polling centers in Meeker or Rangely. Share on Facebook