69th Anniversary …

Family and friends want to wish Bob and Phyllis Fairchild a happy 69th anniversary. They were married Sept. 17, 1947, in Hutchison, Kan. In the years that followed they moved to Rangely, Colo., raised their two sons, Rob and Bryan, who went on to marry their two awesome daughters-in-law and are now blessed with five […]

Farrises invite pals for 50th on Saturday

MEEKER | Tom and Lori Farris of Meeker will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday, July 20 at Circle Park. Share on Facebook

Cards needed …

The family of Bryon and Jo Linden of Meeker, who were married July 9, 1943, in Monterey, Calif., is asking for a barrage of anniversary cards for the couple, who will be celebrating their 70th anniversary with a card shower on July 9. Share on Facebook

Meeker Locals: March 5

MEEKER — Don’t forget to “spring forward” one hour this Saturday night before you go to bed. We’re back to daylight -saving time, ladies and gentlemen! Spring is on its way, and it’s certainly felt that way the past week or so. Don’t put those coats and snowboots away yet, though. March is traditionally the […]

Meeker Locals: February 26

A word of caution to everyone out there taking over-the-counter medications to deal with bouts of cold and flu: read the directions on the boxes. Medical personnel, and your body, will thank you! Share on Facebook

Meeker Locals: February 19

Congratulations and good luck to Meeker wrestlers Matt Moody and Jared Doll as they head off for to state competition this week! Share on Facebook

Meeker Locals: February 12

Saturday is Valentine’s Day, considered the most romantic holiday of the year. Share on Facebook

Meeker Locals: February 5

If our ears were all we had to go by, we’d believe everyone was sick, everyone was broke, and the energy industry had just announced Black Sunday II. Let’s try an experiment, just for a week or so, start spreading some good news! Make it up, if you have to, and see what happens. You’ll […]

Meeker Locals: January 15

Ah, the rumor mill, ever in its place in a small town. In the last week we’ve heard, among other things, that a repeat of Black Sunday looms on the horizon, and that the town of Meeker plans to spend $8 million on its expansion of Second Street. Do people make this stuff up just […]

Meeker Locals: January 8

Is anyone else ready for the customary January thaw? Well, probably not, since it hasn’t gotten really cold yet. Share on Facebook

Meeker Locals: January 1

You’ve got to love this idea. For the second year in a row, organizers of the ball-dropping event celebrated “good riddance day” on New Year’s Eve by shredding items from 2008 they wanted to forgot. Everything from “dear John” e-mails to those single socks left stranded in the dryer. Share on Facebook

Meeker Locals: December 18

According to a survey by the American Research Group, Inc., Americans will spend an average of $431 on Christmas gifts this year. Share on Facebook