Broadband can speed up life, but what does that mean to county?

RBC I What is broadband and why do I need it? Broadband is the next generation of telecommunications technology that is replacing the traditional copper phone wiring that served the nation with phone and data services for more than a century. Unlike copper wire, which requires literally thousands of small copper telephone wires bundled in […]

Broadband: Safety net for 1st responders

RBC I The National Telecommunications Information and Administration (NTIA) held the First Net board of birectors’ meeting in Boulder, Colo., on Feb. 12.

Broadband committee reps meet

RBC I High-level federal representatives from the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) attended a broadband committee meeting Jan. 18 in Craig, according to Northwest Colorado Telecommunications Committee broadband chair Audrey Danner.

Broadband: cell tower alternative

RBC I The final hearing on the application for a cell tower use permit will be held Monday, Jan. 28 at 6 p.m. at the Fairfield Center. It is recommended that concerned individuals attend this hearing.

Broadband: NW Colo. technology team looks to future

RBC I The Northwest Colorado Broadband Local Technology planning team met Jan. 15 in Craig. The team is chaired by retired Moffat County Commissioner Audrey Danner. Representatives of a number of broadband fiber optic cable private sector service providers were present along with local government representatives, telecommunications consultants, information technology directors and community-based broadband coalition […]

Broadband: Where does NW Colo. go from here?

MEEKER I In previous articles, the characteristics and technology of fiber optic cable have been discussed. Similarly, the possible applications of broadband were also presented, but represent only a few of the vast number of possibilities.

Broadband applications can benefit various people groups

RBC I Broadband system design requires “fail-safe” redundant engineering loop design. Broadband delivered by buried or pole mounted fiber optic cable (as with any other delivery system for electrical or electronic media) is susceptible to physical and environmental damage and destruction. A buried fiber optic cable can be accidentally dug up by construction machinery even […]

Broadband: The next generation

RBC I Broadband is a buzz word meaning “broad bandwidth” used to describe the next generation of telecommunications wired and wireless network or “backbone” technologies.