CPW has one-time grant for hunting, fishing and shooting partners

RBC I Colorado Parks and Wildlife is offering a one-time grant opportunity to agency partners that engage in hunting and angling outreach and education.

Grants set for hunting, fish groups

RBC I Colorado Parks and Wildlife is offering a one-time grant opportunity to agency partners that engage in hunting and angling outreach and education.

New birding trails complete

RBC I In a continuing effort to educate and spur interest in outdoor recreation, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is encouraging everyone to take time to explore the recently completed northwest section of the Colorado Birding Trail.

CPW seeks wildlife landowner of the year

RBC I Colorado Parks and Wildlife is seeking nominations for the Wildlife Landowner of the Year Award, given out annually to recognize outstanding contributions made by private landowners who provide wildlife habitat and public access for fishing and hunting.

Think of wildlife when decorating outdoors

RBC I As the holiday season nears and decorations begin to adorn houses, yards and trees, Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds the public to decorate with wildlife safety in mind.

Watch out for game on county roads

RBC I Wildlife may not have to wrestle with changing the time on their microwave oven, but the weather and human clock changes can pose some challenges for animals moving to lower elevations in advance of the coming winter.

Colorado hunters, fisherman our greatest conservationists

RBC I Hunters and anglers are America’s greatest wildlife conservationists. Really? While it seems contradictory that people who claim to love animals would shoot and eat them and that killing something could actually save it, there are very compelling reasons that prove this statement true.

Hunting seasons off to a good start in RBC region

RBC I The hunting seasons for elk and deer are off to a good start, but weather uncertainty raises a few questions about the upcoming rifle hunts, Colorado Parks and Wildlife area game manager Bill de Vergie said in Meeker on Monday.

Federal shutdown not affecting CPW properties

RBC I Despite the shutdown of the Federal government, hunting, fishing, camping and wildlife watching opportunities continue in Colorado.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife-managed parks and lands are open for business and visitors affected by the shutdown are welcome to take advantage of our facilities. 

Poaching case brings new emphasis to protecting wildlife

RBC I The recent arrest of four South Carolina men by Colorado Parks and Wildlife for poaching has prompted public discussion and debate about the importance of ethical hunting. It also illustrates how seriously the agency, law-abiding hunters and many residents of the state take illegal wildlife activity.

Dogs and moose not a good mix in Colorado’s outdoors

RBC I In the wake of several people being injured by moose this year, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding outdoor enthusiasts that moose can be aggressive when dogs and humans get too close.

CPW urges area’s archers to seek their certification

RBC I When Katniss Everdeen, the fictional heroine of “The Hunger Games” novel series, jumped from the pages to the big screen, she brought with her a renewed interest in archery. As that interest explodes, Colorado Parks and Wildlife invites teachers to participate in “Basic Archery Instructor” certification workshops, provided by the Colorado Archery in […]