Clues to repelling deer from your trees, shrubs

RBC I Driving to work I marvel at the number of deer inside the Meeker town limits, which is largely due to their safety and the readily available food supply. Deer are browsers, meaning they walk by and nibble at a plant. If they like the taste they can nibble a lot. So what can […]

Questions regarding fall landscaping answered

RBC I When should trees and shrubs be watered to protect them over the winter? In much of Northwest Colorado, winters can have extended warm, dry and windy periods causing winter drought. Share on Facebook

Just what causes leaves to turn color?

RBC I What causes leaf color to change from green to yellow or red in the fall? Share on Facebook

Various districts combine resources

RBC — The Rio Blanco Weed and Pest Department, CSU Cooperative Extension, the Meeker Plant Materials Center, BLM, USDA-NRCS, White River and Douglas Creek Conservation District, Environmental Plant Center, Rio Blanco Water Conservancy District, Douglas Creek Conservation and Colorado Northwestern Community College have partnered Share on Facebook