Loose Ends: Past becomes present in “record of days” remembrances

MEEKER — A couple of years ago when I began again writing articles about this area, I was determined to share my interest and excitement about the area’s history in a short form, figuring that whoever got interested might go find further information. Share on Facebook

Looking Back: Magpie massacre, part two

MEEKER — “Has anyone else called you about your column about the magpies?” the caller asked. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Springtime in the Rockies turns muddy

BMEEKER — One might say our name is mud these days — not individually, but throughout the community, as we face the “season without a name” in this valley. Share on Facebook

Looking Back: The magpie massacre of the 1930s

MEEKER — The songbirds return to Meeker seems a little premature with our recent snowstorms but their sound was welcomed as a harbinger of spring. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Sense of place continues to be strong

MEEKER — You know how everyone has to sit in the same place, week after week? I overheard someone in the new rec. center say, “You go ahead, I’m waiting for the other one,” as they gathered all their sundries for the shower. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Good neighbors — an untapped resource

MEEKER — “You’re going so fast, there must be a house afire!” my neighbor called out one afternoon as I hurried by on my way to the post office. Share on Facebook

Looking Back: Epidemics, illness a part of pioneer life

MEEKER — Taking to one’s sickbed is how the winter siege of illnesses was described in many local childhood remembrances. While home remedies such as mustard plasters, kerosene and castor oil were recalled by many pioneer family members, the helplessness felt by an outbreak or subsequent epidemic of smallpox, scarlet fever, whooping cough or flu […]

Loose Ends: Say bye-bye icebox and hello freezer

RBC — The old expression, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” came to mind with the recent news report that Fraser, Colo., is no longer the “icebox of the nation.” Another community has been awarded that dubious distinction. It appears that one town’s icebox is another town’s deep freeze, as even word choice for […]

Loose Ends: Ten things not to do to beat the winter blahs

MEEKER — A few in-between days of blue skies and warm weather make many of us long for spring. Conversations around town already reflect a certain winter weather weariness, which is alarming as Colorado’s heaviest snows are often in the spring. Complaints abound, such as, “We haven’t had so much snow in more than 20 […]