From My Window: The TANK an unmatched joy; fishing the best of childhood dreams

It was a true joy to be invited to be a part of Friday night’s special bash at the Solstice Gathering 2016 at The TANK Center for Sonic Arts—as The TANK is now formally known.

From My Window: Heat, wind, delays don’t deter those at cattledog nationals

It was sunny, hot and windy, but few seemed to mind. There were some serious glitches, but not many folks were bothered. There was a decent turnout for the inaugural five-day Meeker Classic National Cattledog Association Finals Cattledog Trials in Meeker running Wednesday through Sunday, and the spectators and contestants seemed to enjoy themselves.

From My Window: Volunteers make the county go ’round; Meekerpalooza a success

There’s always the Rio Blanco County Fair, Range Call and the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials. Those are the big multi-day events that fall on the summer calendar in Rio Blanco County. Then there is Rangely’s Septemberfest, which runs a couple of days in late summer.

From My Window: Congrats MHS seniors: Your biggest challenges still lie ahead

A baby is born. The infant can do no wrong—even if it does No. 2 and it blows out the side of the diaper.

From My Window: 1.2 million soldiers have died fighting in service to America

It has been a long, cold, snowy winter and this is the official start of the summer vacation season, although summer doesn’t officially start for three more weeks.

From My Window: RHS grads receive sage advice from commencement speaker

It is always enjoyable to attend a high school or college graduation as it is easy to spot those who are really happy those 12 years in high school, 14 years in a junior college and 16 years at a four-year college or university are over and now only a memory in the past.

From My Window: Some things best left to young folks; Congrats to RHS, MHS grads!

Some things are best left to a younger person. I definitely found out this past weekend that I am not as young as I used to be and that 30 to 35 years does make a difference.

From My Window: Chamber dinner unique and enjoyable; congrats to CNCC grads

The annual Meeker Chamber of Commerce Membership and Awards Dinner on Friday night was a unique event for a couple of reasons—and both of them made for a mostly enjoyable evening.

From My Window: ‘Good ole boys’ do great job; election issue is fire board vote

Let’s talk about the good ole boys! It seems to be a popular topic over the past few weeks. I apparently and quite mistakenly brought it up couple of weeks ago when talking about what kind of new chief should be hired to head up the Meeker Fire and Rescue.

From My Window: Fire chief’s letter reveals problems

Since I was a small child I have often heard two of the silliest of phrases uttered by man: “We’ve never done it that way before,” and, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

From My Window: Health fair, Foundation dinner were successes

Had a great time Saturday, visiting the 9Health Fair in the morning in Meeker and the Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation Dinner in Rangely that evening.

From My Window: Great election; go see the Wizard

What an election day Tuesday was! Two town elections with 15 candidates seeking a total of six seats on the town councils in Rangely and Meeker. Each town had three open seats, but Rangely had 10 candidates seeking election and Meeker had five candidates seeking three seats. It is good to see several candidates on […]