From My Window… Two years happily at home in Meeker; Congrats to T.J.

At the end of this week, I will have lived in Rio Blanco for two years exactly. It has been an interesting time, filled with challenges, boo-boos, successes, good news, bad news, good friends, some not-so-good friends, interesting news, depressing news, hot weather, cold weather and weather that is just right.

From My Window: Meeker’s old IOOF Lodge also on National Register; the poker is missing

Through my now-clear window, I see that I made a bit of a mistake these last two weeks while writing about a portion of downtown Meeker that has been targeted for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. In the two-part series I wrote, I included the “incorrect” facts that two buildings in downtown […]

From My Window: Two events offer sense of community during long winter

The visibility has been darned clear for the past weeks, interrupted briefly on Sunday as snow fell intermittently high on County Road 8 during the annual “I Ride With James” Poker and Snowmobile Run. It was too darned clear on the way up to Lost Creek Trailhead, about a mile or so past the Marvine […]

From My Window… Honesty a great thing to find; good luck teams; ice getting thin

I truly appreciate an act of honestly, and last week’s action by a Meeker merchant actually caught me off guard, but cognizant of a great act.

From My Window… Drugs increase on DUI list; every NFL pick wrong; set for college

Colorado has indeed entered into a new era of state drivers navigating under the influence. Certainly we know about the attempt in all 50 states to get drunken drivers off our roadways, but I’m talking about those who are hazardous drivers due to driving under the influence of drugs, now officially known as DUIDs.

From My Window… 2014 warmer than 2013; gas prices becoming local issue again

I enjoy facts and figures regarding the weather. Maybe it is because I have been exposed to both extremes in my life. While I did basically grow up in Colorado Springs and Boulder, which are mild areas of heat and cold, I have lived in the more extreme climates.

From My Window: How health insurance will affect your income tax returns

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am not going to write my “From My Window” this week due to the extreme importance of better understanding the insurance picture and what it will mean to those filing income tax returns. The issue is important and a misunderstanding can be expensive. Hopefully, the following article will answer a few of […]

From My Window… Broncos finale disappointing; off-season could be interesting

Right out my window I saw a proud ole horse stumble and fall. While it is a real “bummer” that the Broncos’ season ended so abruptly and sadly, it didn’t take long for many of the fans and Denver media to start chewing on the carcass of that poor ol’ mustang.

From My Window… Skiing requires money tree; museum impresses; sports return

I just looked out my window and you know what I didn’t see? Not in any direction did I see a single tree with money growing from the branches. I didn’t notice any bills hanging from the trees during the summer, either. But someone must know where they are.

From My Window: Overall, 2014 was a good year; white new year likely; go Broncos!

As I write this on Sunday evening, the snow is coming down quite heavily, the Denver Broncos have just locked up a first-round bye in the National Football League playoffs by thumping the Oakland Raiders (always a good thing) for the second time this year, and there isn’t a soul to be seen on the […]

From My Window… My most memorable Christmas gifts; forget annual resolutions

Merry Christmas to you all! If having snow fall on Christmas Day constitutes a white Christmas, today may not be a white Christmas, but there is a darned good chance there is going to be a whole lot of white snow on the ground for us to enjoy.

From My Window… Dad a good shot with gift; newspaper deadlines change

Out my window as I write this, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The cool temperatures, the lights on people’s homes and businesses and along the streets as well as people seeing their breath when exhaling in early morning are signs that Christmas is getting close.