From My Window: ‘Good ole boys’ do great job; election issue is fire board vote

Let’s talk about the good ole boys! It seems to be a popular topic over the past few weeks. I apparently and quite mistakenly brought it up couple of weeks ago when talking about what kind of new chief should be hired to head up the Meeker Fire and Rescue. Share on Facebook

From My Window: Fire chief’s letter reveals problems

Since I was a small child I have often heard two of the silliest of phrases uttered by man: “We’ve never done it that way before,” and, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Share on Facebook

From My Window: Health fair, Foundation dinner were successes

Had a great time Saturday, visiting the 9Health Fair in the morning in Meeker and the Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation Dinner in Rangely that evening. Share on Facebook

From My Window: Great election; go see the Wizard

What an election day Tuesday was! Two town elections with 15 candidates seeking a total of six seats on the town councils in Rangely and Meeker. Each town had three open seats, but Rangely had 10 candidates seeking election and Meeker had five candidates seeking three seats. It is good to see several candidates on […]

From My Window: Future Bright

I sat with silent happiness and listened to the five candidates who make up the list of folks running for the Meeker Town Board. The Meeker Chamber of Commerce-sponsored event, while unfortunately only drawing about 25 persons who weren’t candidates, was an uplifting event in which each of the candidates clearly looked out their windows […]

From My Window: Good to see all commission candidates on ballot; watch fire board

Saturday was gorgeous no matter which window one looked out. It was in the 60s at both ends of Rio Blanco County and a great day to be outdoors, particularly in the afternoon. Too bad it didn’t work out that way, but it was still a great day for a drive from Meeker to Rangely […]

From My Window: Monday’s snow was welcome; Thanks, Peyton! Open the ballot…

Got up at 6 a.m. on Monday morning. At 7:20, I looked out the window and it was overcast, but that was all. By 7:21, there were light flurries. By 7:23, it was a blizzard at my house. By 7:50, there was an inch and a half of snow on the back porch. “It’s back!” […]

From My Window: Commissioner race gets more interesting with Hill vs. Rector

Out my window the winds are starting to increase, the clouds are getting darker and I am getting exciting a bit about the approaching possible blizzard. Many folks were startled a couple of weeks ago when former Rio Blanco County sheriff Si Woodruff announced his plans to take on fellow Republican and incumbent Jeff Eskelson […]

From My Window: Tremendous job by MHS wrestlers; snowmobile run, justice center tours go well

It was a heck of a weekend. For one solid weekend, I looked out my windows and saw the sun on Saturday and Sunday. What a joyous time! Think spring is coming? Nope! Me neither. Share on Facebook

From My Window: Russell George to be great loss; students looking at move to college

For the betterment of society, some people just shouldn’t be allowed to retire. But at age 70 and after an incredibly productive career in service to the people of Colorado as well as its government, Russell George deserves to sit back, retire and enjoy the life he has been too busy to enjoy until now. […]

From My Window: Broncos win Super Bowl by playing best game of the season

Just 15 minutes ago I turned off the TV at home and came to work immediately after watching Super Bowl 50. What a joy! What a feat! What a great way for Peyton Manning to possibly wrap up a career. And what a fitting tribute to the Denver Broncos to have Von Miller be named […]

From My Window: Race for RBC commisioner may be interesting this year

The county political climate is rapidly heating up as the announcement comes that former Rio Blanco County Sheriff Si Woodruff is going after—er—challenging Jeff Eskelson for his seat on the Rio Blanco County Board of Commissioners. This news brings mixed feelings to me and to several other folks I have spoken with in the past […]