From My Window… For some people, being rude comes about a bit too easily

It is a constant amazement the lack of respect and the abundance of rudeness some people spew toward others with complete disregard for another person in situations where conflicts don’t really need to arise at all.

From My Window… County was great place to be for Fourth of July

Another busy weekend just passed, and if someone in either Meeker or Rangely said there was nothing to do, their heads were certainly buried in the deep grasses growing abundantly around Rio Blanco County. The one regret I have for the weekend is that I was not able to make both celebrations. I was pretty […]

From My Window… County election works impress; holiday fun in Meeker, Rangely

Spent last Tuesday night on special duty, acting as an Associated Press writer to cover the Rio Blanco County elections for the state media, and a heck of a night it was. I’ve done it before and it isn’t really any fun, but it is always interesting to see the work being done.

From My Window… A countywide look at trash, concerts and Rangely tragedy

I applaud the nudge from the Town of Meeker requiring residents and landlords to pick up limbs and trash from their properties and to require thigh-high grass to be cut.

From My Window… Fishing Day, Fish Fry fun work, unite communities

It was a fun weekend to be working. Can’t always say that, but covering the Meeker Kids’ Fishing Day on Saturday morning and traveling upriver to attend the Buford School benefit fish fry on Saturday afternoon reminded me of what is fun about covering local events for a small publication.

From My Window… Father’s Day salute to those dads who deserve it!

Father’s Day is Sunday, and once again Dad is being honored for the role he plays at home and in society.

From My Window… Dams needed in county and other locations in the West

It looks like there is eventually going to be a new dam in Rio Blanco County’s future. And that is likely to cause a torrent of criticism from the environmental factors in the county, the state and the nation. Time after time, the need has been shown for more water throughout the West and time […]

From My Window… Memorial Day: Remembering freedom

Memorial Day is special for a couple different reasons. First, but hopefully not foremost on everyone’s mind, it is the first holiday of summer. It is a time for family gatherings, perhaps a round of golf when the weather is good, as it was this year, or a time to take the family out fishing […]

From My Window… Congratulations to graduates and Meeker DI competitors

Over the next two weeks, Meeker and Rangely high schools will also be turning out Class of 2014 graduates, and this is another moment in a teen’s life that all friends, families and neighbors should be proud of them and for them.

From My Window… Spring getting closer; grads applauded

I can see sunshine clearly out my window, and that may be a good thing. It may actually turn into spring soon, and that will cheer up a lot of folks in Rio Blanco County who are waiting for sunshine and warmer temperatures after a particularly prolonged winter.

From My Window… Wildlife out; tumblers and dancers excel; prayers now OK at meetings

It must be the first of May because all I see outside my window are a bunch of branches swaying and dust in the air. If you are a sinus sufferer, it could be better; if not, the last week has been pretty nice if you don’t mind a bit of wind. Sunday was meant […]

From My Window… Busy Easter weekend; fishing improves; prom a success

The view out the front and back windows looked pretty good on Saturday morning for two of the biggest events of the year in Meeker. Bright and early, hundreds of folks started making their way to Meeker Elementary School for the annual 9HealthFair.