To better educate next generation, reinvent the classroom

RBC I Quick! Pop quiz! More education funding plus smaller class sizes equals better test scores, right? Wrong. Foreign students outperform Americans on numerous tests: literacy, math, technological knowledge, even everyday skills. Share on Facebook

Don’t let your child’s brain go on vacation during holidays

RBC I You may have heard of “summer slide”—when those summer months cause kids to lose all that glorious information and knowledge they acquired during the school year. But even shorter breaks can cause education rifts for students, too. Share on Facebook

Guest Editorial: Education paradigms all wrong; new thinking needed

RBC I Think of our schools as a horse and buggy. It worked well in a different time, but times have changed. Educational needs have changed as much as transportation needs. Retrofitting a horse and buggy will not give us an airplane, and yet we seem to expect that reforms to our schools will meet […]

What you can do to ensure “No Child is Left Behind”

RBC I “Test cheating scandal!” “Budget cuts!” “Accreditation lost!” These are the types of headlines associated with school districts around the nation today. With issues like these mounting on the front lines of education, even the best and brightest teachers need reinforcements. Share on Facebook

“Bright Colorado” will help education

MEEKER I A coalition committed to public education is making a statewide effort to get an initiative called “Bright Colorado” on this fall’s ballot. The measure is designed to prevent further cuts to primary, secondary and higher education. Share on Facebook

Local student earns degree from UNC

MEEKER — Patricia Dawn Merrifield earned a master of arts degree Share on Facebook