Two area drives suggested for fall colors

The trees are 
changing colors already throughout the higher elevations in Colorado, as 
evidenced by 
these aspen trees 
above Buford. Knowlegeable sources are saying that this weekend could offer one of the best chances this year of seeing 
a great fall color show in Northwest Colorado. 
Cold evening 
temperatures and cold rains or snow will bring those changes around quickly.

RBC I Autumn brings a chill to the night air, an earlier sunset and children back in school. Colorado is fortunate to have four distinct seasons, and this is the time of the year to get out and enjoy the fall colors around Rio Blanco County.

Trees are a’changing…


The trees that are changing colors already at higher elevations are definitely still in the minority, but these aspens, about five miles east of Buford on Saturday, indicate that the great fall color show is approaching.

Fall colors …

phmkfall colors

The fall colors are spectacular in the area. This photo was taken on a driving loop starting in Meeker on the Flattops Scenic Byway, via Trappers Lake, over Ripple Creek Pass and connecting to Highway 13 at Hamilton.