Rangely girl, age 8, will compete at the National Braille Challenge in L.A.

Hayden Roswell

RANGELY I Sometimes, when a place is familiar enough, she navigates it by feel. Like the Rangely Recreation Center, where she took swimming lessons from Miss Camilla and Miss Natalie. Or True Value, where Uncle Rodger and Aunt Debbie work. She’s been attending Storytime at the Rangely Library since she was a toddler, greeting Aunt […]

The Oldland Ranch: Work never ends for family members

hallie blunt
Norma Oldland can be seen in front of her home on Piceance Creek, located where the original homestead was settled. The ranch has been in the family well in excess of 100 years and is occupied now third- and fourth-generation members of the family. Oldland, now 84, is still active in ranch operations.

MEEKER | Every now and then an opportunity comes along that rejuvenates the idea that the West is still alive and that there remains a way to make a living in the cattle business.

The Storyteller: Kay Bivens

In her role as school librarian at Meeker Elementary School, Bivens often dresses in costume that coordinate with the books she presents to the students.

MEEKER I It is probably common practice to take for granted all that our educators do. In our unfortunate situation with our school this last year, amazing people stepped up to make things happen for the good of the children. One of those educators is school librarian Kay Bivens. With her “bookmobile” bus, she has […]

Hill family history runs deep

Jon Hill (right), his son Logan, and granddaughter Addy are pictured on the Rangely area ranch that has been in their family for five generations.

RANGELY I Rio Blanco County history runs deep, and there is no better evidence of this than the verbal history handed down through generations. Along with the land his family lives on, the ideals of hard work and community service were passed down to Jon Hill of Rangely.

Hometown hero returns to Pearl Harbor

(Above) Archie Gregory in his Navy uniform. He was aboard the USS Arizona when it was bombed at Pearl Harbor. Today the ship is still visible underwater, and is the site of a memorial to those who died. (Below) Archie Gregory, 96, was among 24 survivors of the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor who returned to the island for the 70th anniversary in December. Gregory attended school in Meeker from the age of 8 to 18. He currently lives in California with his daughter.

MEEKER I “Dec. 7, 1941 – a date which will live in infamy…” These words were spoken by President Franklin D. Roosevelt following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Blessed in the giving

Pastor Johnny Arrington helping out with the Giving Tree distribution at the United Meeker Methodist Church. He and his wife Patti consider themselves “blessed” to be able to give back to the community through the Giving Tree, which Patti helps to spearhead.

MEEKER I “I love everything about it, helping families and knowing what we are doing is good,” Patti Arrington said about the Giving Tree project she helps spearhead.

It’s all about the “little things” ~ the children

Day, pictured with Meeker school superintendent Susan Goettel, works with both school districts in the county through BOCES, where she started working when she and her husband Jim moved to Rangely in 1992.

RBC I The holiday season is upon us and as usual there is a lot of discussion about maintaining the true spirit of the season: giving and appreciating the little things. Donna Day is passionate about helping many of the most important “little things” in our county — our children. Day is the executive director […]

Modest Hero: Ernie Garcia


MEEKER I Modesty is a common thread among World War II veterans, soldiers who fought for our country nearly 70 years ago and won a war that had such a vital impact on America and the world.

Bidding farewell: After 34 years, Paula Padilla retires from WRBM Recreation District

Paula - Sept 6

RANGELY I The Western Rio Blanco Recreation Center will never be quite the same after this week.

Pilot views environment from above

STRI COURTESY PHOTO An aerial photo of the Panana Canal watershed reveals scars left by a landslide in December 2010. Landslides in the region are believed to have caused severe contamination of Panama’s water supplies that left a million residents in central Panana without clean drinking water for a month.

RBC I Local pilot David Cole is a “frequent flyer” for LightHawk, a nonprofit group that seeks to “champion environmental protection through the unique perspective of flight.” Cole recently piloted flights over portions of the Panama Canal watershed to photo-map the effects of tropical storms and landslides in the region.

The fountain of youth?


MEEKER I Those who are brought up in the homes of hardworking people often become hard workers themselves. Hardworking describes Bill and Phyllis Schoenhal perfectly.

Cady named 2011 military father of the year

Chris Cady, a petty officer first class in the Navy, pictured with his son Joshua, was named the 2011 military father of the year, selected from among 600 nominations. Cady is a single father and Joshua has special needs. Cady is the son of Rangely’s Bill Cady.

RANGELY I Chris Cady, this year’s military father of the year, reminds us how fortunate we are to celebrate Father’s Day in the safety our armed forces help provide. Cady, the son of Bill Cady of Rangely, was among 600 men nominated for the 2011 Military Father of the Year award.