The Storyteller: Kay Bivens

February 3, 2012 Hallie Blunt 0

MEEKER I It is probably common practice to take for granted all that our educators do. In our unfortunate situation with our school this last year, amazing people stepped up to make things happen for […]

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Hill family history runs deep

January 19, 2012 Hallie Blunt 0

RANGELY I Rio Blanco County history runs deep, and there is no better evidence of this than the verbal history handed down through generations. Along with the land his family lives on, the ideals of […]


Blessed in the giving

December 23, 2011 Hallie Blunt 0

MEEKER I “I love everything about it, helping families and knowing what we are doing is good,” Patti Arrington said about the Giving Tree project she helps spearhead.


Modest Hero: Ernie Garcia

October 27, 2011 Hallie Blunt 0

MEEKER I Modesty is a common thread among World War II veterans, soldiers who fought for our country nearly 70 years ago and won a war that had such a vital impact on America and […]

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