Bob Amick, Sandy Bradfield come from long-term pioneer clan

MEEKER I In 1879, the White River Utes rebelled against tyrannical Indian agent Nathan Meeker in the last major Native American uprising at the Ute Agency in Powell Park, and the concurrent Battle of Milk Creek with U.S. Army troops. Share on Facebook

Meeker Lions Club fills valuable role as town’s only service club

MEEKER I If you look around at almost any social event during the year in Meeker, chances are good the Meeker Lions Club is there, helping out, bartending at this weekend’s After Birth Ball or sponsoring last weekend’s annual Easter egg hunt or putting on a barbecue at the Rio Blanco County Fair. Share on […]

Having ice a tough task in old days before refrigeration

MEEKER I Early employees of the 101 Ranch, now the Rio Blanco Ranch, may remember the “ice house” and going out to cut blocks of ice to be used for refrigeration throughout the year—or as long as it would last. Share on Facebook

Metal artists bring library sign to life

RANGELY I It was only a matter of time before metal artist Kyle Stewart’s creations became a family affair. The 24-year-old, who works for family business Stewart Welding and whose metal sculptures can be seen in public spaces and private residences around Rangely, has taken on a full-fledged partner in his latest endeavor: his wife, […]

Noted woodcarver revs up saw for CNCC sculptures

RANGELY I At first glance, master wood carver Ron Eye looks like just another guy wearing hunter-orange camo chaps and wielding a chainsaw. Share on Facebook

Bachmann, Collins formed partnership based around loyalty

MEEKER I One definition of loyalty is “a feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection.” Another is “faithful adherence to another.” Loyalty may be the simplest way to describe the relationship established on the Wakara Ranch. A duo that began as owner-manager turned into a friendship hat spanned nearly four decades. Share on Facebook

Deep roots and positive impacts

MEEKER I The gift of stories, memories and family ties in our area is abundant, and the opportunity to talk with a woman with a tremendous life experience, education, admiration for her family and a genuine desire to work for a cause give yet another perspective of our community. Shirley Taylor grew up in a […]

Four couples in one family married total of 234 years

RANGELY I It’s not every man who can say he’s been married to his wife for more than 60 years. Even fewer people can lay claim to three siblings who have been wed to their respective spouses for 50 years or longer, logging a collective 234 years of marriage as a clan. Share on Facebook

K Bar T has colorful past

MEEKER I The view alone is worth the trip up the White River from Meeker. Add the history of the ranches along the way and the area is unlike any other. From the homesteaded land, families, schools and stories above where the river forks to the north and south, down the valley to ranches that […]

Appreciation of life fits Merriam mold

MEEKER I Nyla and Dick Merriam have passed down a sincere appreciation of life, career longevity and set an example of a marriage that lasts the test of time — having been married since 1948. Share on Facebook

Meeker alumna is tops at horse reining

MEEKER I Meeker High School alumna Melanie Watt Wilhelm will be recognized June 27 for her recent selection as the National Reining Horse Association Professional Horsewoman of The Year. Share on Facebook

Work ethic, good sense, class define Wilbur family

MEEKER I Many people in Meeker are fortunate to have homesteaded land passed down through generations. The work it took to turn those homesteads into real homes is difficult to comprehend, but many of those homesteading families have maintained that work ethic and history for generations. Share on Facebook