Collins family has positive impact

Tommy and Dorothy Collins have three children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, with another one on the way and have been part of the Rangely community for more than 50 years.

RANGELY I From the classroom, to the visitor center, to the Radino Senior Center, and so many areas in between, Tommy and Dorothy Collins have made positive contributions to all ages of people in Rangely.

The history of the Lime Kiln region

More than 20 people recently gathered at Lime Kiln, south of Meeker and shared stories with appreciation of a life on the mountain.

MEEKER I The history of Lime Kiln is very interesting, beginning with the land itself.

My version of “The Day on Lime Kiln”

The Moyer family, including Don, Larry, Beverly, Merle Dean, Dick and niece Jewell Kindler, shared their family’s amazing history of homesteading 160 acres on Lime Kiln.

MEEKER I At the risk of making my “Old School” beliefs completely transparent, I am going to write my version of the day On Lime Kiln, where I was so fortunate to learn that the value of a neighbor and the strength of an entire community still exists.

The brushstrokes of a lifetime

Painting the eagle on the Dragon Road water tank was an interesting endeavor, Wardell said. She worked on the image standing in the bucket of a cherry picker truck borrowed from Moon Lake Electric.

RANGELY I Some of the murals are gone. One fell victim to a careless semi truck driver, another to a building’s closure. A third was destroyed, only to be re-painted. All of them, says painter Dawna Wardell, are part of the natural ebb and flow of change.

Lime Kiln region offered challenges

Hazel Kirkpatrick Rosenlund’s family home on Lime Kiln Hill.

MEEKER I Many pioneer families made their start in the beautiful, yet harsh, Lime Kiln region south of Meeker. One family, the Kirkpatricks, endured some of the toughest times in the area.

Remembering the art of conversation

RANGELY I Jack and Charleen Brown are prime examples of Rangely’s great history, longevity and people, and their easy conversation comes from their comfort in where they are, where they’ve been and all they have been through.

Everyone’s grandma

In one word, “grandma” best describes Doris Welle. The name stuck when her grandchildren went through the school lunch line and her kind smile and sparkling blue eyes made it easy for other students to echo the name.

MEEKER I The top five characteristics of a great volunteer are initiative, determination, flexibility, kindness and communication. These do not just define a great volunteer but an outstanding person. Doris Welle could not be better described by any other words save one, “grandma.”

Inspired to inspire

It’s always been about people for Faye Peterson, who just earned her master’s degree in professional counseling to better help people as a certified psychotherapist and certified life coach. Peterson is excited about life’s adventures and offers a positive approach to aging and meeting life with a positive attitude.

MEEKER I “Aging successfully is about adapting and adopting,” is the way Faye Peterson describes the process she applies to enjoy each phase of life. She just turned 60 and completed her master’s degree two weeks ago. It was a dream she had held for years. At about 54 years of age, she decided to […]

Local saddlemaker shares passion for his craft

Klenda and Brennan both share their knowledge and experience with local 4-H and he was awarded “Best of Show at the recent RBC Fair for his leather heart, symbolic of he and Brennan’s volunteerism to the local 4-H club and others in the community.

MEEKER I Bob Klenda’s most recent award-winning piece was a beautiful leather heart that earned “Best of Show.” The piece is symbolic of the volunteerism he and Mike Brennan give to the local 4-H club and other community members.

More than a century of history on the Twin Buttes Ranch

The Twin Buttes Ranch Company LLC is located in the beautiful northwest corner of Colorado. This fifth generation family-owned ranching operation dates back to the late 1880s. Dave and Cheryl took over management of the ranch in 1981 and now the ranch is managed by their sons Scott (second from left) and his wife Mikki, and Owen and his wife Michelle. The Robertsons’ daughter Karen and her husband Troy are also pictured.

RANGELY I Twin Buttes Ranch has come a long way in five generations.

Doing their best

Bonnie and Ed will be at the horse show and all around competition starting at 8:30 a.m. this Saturday.

MEEKER I County fair is all about the kids, and Ed and Bonnie Coryell have worked more than 30 years to keep the traditions, clubs and events alive.

Watt family has long history in Meeker

The five Watt siblings hold pictures of their parents Tom and Liz at the Watt family reunion on the Fourth of July. Pictured left to right, oldest to youngest are Anne, Tom, Harry, Sally and Dick.

MEEKER I The Watt family gathered for a reunion on the Fourth of July to celebrate generations of family and fun.