Fireworks over Kenney Reservoir

rcfireworks ted harper

The WRBM Recreation and Parks District and the Rangely Fire and Rescue District put on a spectacular fireworks display over Kenney Reservoir every year. Photo by Ted Harper

Spirit of liberty and can-do attitude behind U.S. success

RBC I It’s the spirit of Americans that makes us the greatest country with the most freedom and prosperity the world has ever known.

Big sparks for a small town show

­MEEKER I People might think they have to head to the big city for a decent fireworks display, but Meeker residents and Range Call attendees know better.   Thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers and community support, Meeker’s annual Fourth of July fireworks display gets better every year.

126th annual Range Call Celebration


MEEKER I Today’s residents share those same traits, living in a community which continues to survive, thrive and succeed in spite of booms and busts, droughts and floods, times of plenty and times of want.

Celebrating America’s 235 years of freedom

RBC I One of the pillars of VFW’s foundation is the promotion of patriotism.